[Om-announce] PADL'09: Call for Participation

Gopal Gupta gupta at utdallas.edu
Fri Dec 5 21:06:51 CET 2008

                        CALL FOR PARTICIPATION!!!

                   Eleventh International Symposium on
             Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages 2009
                              (PADL '09)


                         Savannah, Georgia, USA
                          January 19-20, 2009

                      Co-located with ACM POPL'09

You are cordially invited to the Eleventh International Symposium on
Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages that will be held on Jan
19-20, 2009 right before ACM POPL. The program includes invited talks
by two eminent practitioners of declarative techniques/languages: Luís
Moniz Pereira and Jeff Lewis. If you are attending ACM POPL, we
encourage you to arrive a little earlier and attend PADL as well.
Please note that the deadline for early registration is fast

Invited Talks:

	o On Preferring and Inspecting Abductive Models
		Luís Moniz Pereira, Pierangelo Dell'Acqua, and
		Gonçalo Lopes

	o Applying Declarative Languages to Commercial Hardware Design
		Jeff Lewis


	o Declarative Programming of User Interfaces
   		Michael Hanus and Christof Kluß.
	o Huge Data but Small Programs: Visualization Design via Multiple
	  Embedded DSLs
   		D.J. Duke, R. Borgo, M. Wallace, and C. Runciman.
	o Toward a Practical Module System for ACL2
		Carl Eastlund and Matthias Felleisen.
	o Declarative Network Verification
		A. Wang, P. Basu, B.T. Loo, and O. Sokalsky.
	o Operational Semantics for Declarative Networking
   		Juan A. Navarro and Andrey Rybalchenko.
	o Ad Hoc Data and the Token Ambiguity Problem
		Qian Xi, Kathleen Fisher, David Walker, and Kenny Q. Zhu.
	o High Level Thread-Based Competitive Or-Parallelism in Logtalk
		Paulo Moura, Richard Rocha, and Sara C. Madeira.
	o Implementing Thread Cancellation in Multithreaded Prolog Systems
		Paul Tarau and Arun Majumdar.
	o High-level Interaction with Relational Databases in
	  Logic Programming
		Antònio Porto.
	o Typed Datalog
		David Zook, Emir Pasalic, and Beata Sarna-Starosta.
	o Using Bloom Filters for Large Scale Gene Sequence Analysis
	  in Haskell
		Ketil Malde and Bryan O'Sullivan.
	o One Table Fits All
		Jorge Costa and Ricardo Rocha.
	o Recycle Your Arrays!
		Roman Leshchinskiy.
	o Towards a Complete Scheme for Tabled Execution Based on
	  Program Transformation
		P.C. de Guzman, M. Carro, and M.V. Hermenegildo.
	o Improving Performance of Conformant Planners: Static Analysis of
	  Declarative Planning Domain Specifications
	    	D.V. Tran, H.K. Nguyen, E. Pontelli, and T.C. Son.
	o Layered Models Top-Down Querying of Normal Logic Programs
    		Luís Moniz Pereira and Alexandre Miguel Pinto.
	o Secure Implementation of Meta-predicates
		Paulo Moura.

Conference Organization:

	General Chair: Kevin W. Hamlen
	Programme Chair: Andy Gill & Terrance Swift

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