[Om-announce] Call for Participation: ICLP 2013 Doctoral Student Consortium, Istanbul

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                       CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                            ICLP-DC 2013

                Ninth ICLP Doctoral Student Consortium


                          August 24th, 2013

     Collocated with the International Conference on Logic Programming 2013

                           Istanbul, Turkey

                          August 24-29, 2013


The ICLP 2013 Doctoral Consortium (DC) is the ninth doctoral consortium to be
offered as part of the 29th International Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP).
The DC follows the very positive experience of previous events held in Sitges
(Spain) on October 3rd, 2005, in Seattle (WA, USA) on August 21st, 2006, in Porto
(Portugal) on September 8th, 2007, in Udine (Italy) on December 10th, 2008, in
Pasadena (CA, USA) on July 15th, 2009, in Edinburgh (Scotland) on July 20th,
2010, in Lexington (KY, USA) on July 6th, 2011, and in Budapest (Hungary) on
September 4th, 2012.

The DC will take place during ICLP 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey. It provides a forum
for doctoral students working in areas related to logic and constraint
programming, with a particular emphasis to students interested in pursuing a
career in academia. The DC is also open to exceptional Master's students
developing MS theses in areas of scope. The DC gives students the opportunity to
present and discuss their research and to obtain feedback from peers as well as
world-renowned experts.


The program of the ICLP 2013 DC features thirteen presentations by doctoral
students. It is available online at:



- Benoit Desouter: Implementing LP Systems with CP Techniques

- Claudia Schulz: Argumentation for Answer Set Programming and other
non-monotonic reasoning systems (A Research Summary)

- Johannes Klaus Fichte: Backdoors to the Tractability of Answer Set Programming

- Ari Saptawijaya: Towards Computational Morality with Logic Programming

- Jorge Fandinno: Algebraic Approach to Causal Logic Programs

- Laura Titolo: An Abstract Interpretation Framework for Verification of Timed
Concurrent Constraint Languages

- Sergio Castro: LogicObjects: A Portable and Extensible Approach for Linguistic
Symbiosis between an Object-Oriented and a Logic Programming Language

- Arne König: Visualizing Answer Set Programming

- Amelia Harrison: The Semantics of Gringo and Proving Strong Equivalence

- Fangkai Yang: Representing Actions in Logic-based Languages

- Carmine Dodaro: Engineering An Efficient Native ASP Solver

- Michael Bartholomew: The Role of Functions in the Stable Model Semantics

- Roberto Amadini: Evaluation and Application of Portfolio Approaches in
Constraint Programming


Registration is operated by the ICLP 2013 organization. For corresponding
information, as well as for travel and accommodation details consult:



Marco Gavanelli, Ferrara University, Italy
Martin Gebser, University of Potsdam, Germany

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