[om] XML Schema and OpenMath [om] XML Schema and OpenMath

J H Davenport jhd at maths.bath.ac.uk
Tue Mar 28 22:19:39 CEST 2000

> is some working on or interested in developing an XML Schema for OpenMath? 
> Has someone of you experimented with this? Experiences?
No-one that I know of - this is the first time the subject has been
mentioned publically in OpenMath.
> XML Schema[1] is the emerging  substitute for XML DTDs the current W3C working
> draft is considered "feature-complete", that means basically that there
> will not be very many changes in the final adpotion process by the W3C. 

> There is already some tool support (e.g. Xerxes-J [2], or XML-Authority[3]). 

> You may want to try our "Data Descriptors By Example"
> (http://www.alphaworks.ibm.com/tech/ddbe) tool that will "automatically"
> infer an XML DTD or Schema from a set of instances. As the XML Schema
> specification solidifies you will see automatic translation tools. Data
> types of course is another question.

Having only looked briefly at the schema papers, I cannot see any
burning necessity for OpenMath to embrace them now. As Angel says,
tool support will increase, and it may be possible to start with an
automatic translation of the DTD.

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