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Andrew Solomon andrew at illywhacker.net
Wed Nov 28 00:59:20 CET 2001

1. I thought some of us would be interested to know about the
work described below.
2. I wonder how much longer the OpenMath site will be
down for renovation. Who's doing the renovations?
I wonder whether it's possible to keep the old site
as it was until the new one is ready to be put in place?



On Tue, Nov 27, 2001 at 09:30:04AM -0800, Michael Monagan wrote:
> Next week will be our last meeting of the semester.
> PIMS/MITACS CAG/CECM computational algebra seminar.
> Wednesday November 28th, 4:30pm, K9509
>                          ******  *****
>           A new "function wizard" Maple facility
>       (Computer handbook of mathematical functions)
>                  Edgardo S. Cheb-Terrab
>                      MITACS - CECM
>            Theoretical Physics Department, UERJ
> The computational capabilities of the Maple system concerning special
> functions are evolving rapidly. The typical requirement concerning
> math functions, however, is not just computational: typically, one
> also needs information on identities, relations, alternative
> definitions, and mathematical properties in general. We usually look
> for that information in handbooks like Abramowitz & Stegun etc.
> It is clear however that most of this information found in textbooks is
> already in the internal Maple subroutines since the computational
> capabilities implemented rely on that information.
> This leads naturally to the idea of a "function wizard" project, whose
> main purpose is to make / keep the mathematical information complete
> and provide access to each piece of it through a simple interface.
> Also, such a "computer algebra handbook of mathematical functions" can
> naturally provide more information than that conveyed in textbooks: it
> can respond to each request by processing whatever (growing number of)
> math information using (a growing number of) mathematical algorithms.
> The function wizard project is presently under development and this
> talk presents a demo of the first prototype with basic functionality
> already in place.
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