[om] Request: OpenMath C++ library

Dave Saunders saunders at mail.eecis.udel.edu
Thu Aug 29 17:47:10 CEST 2002

Stephane, thanks.  This is useful info.  Can you point me to 
a url for the existing C++ OpenMath library?

-dave saunders

 >> There seems to be enough interest (CoCoA V, LinBox) for having
 >> an OpenMath C++ library, so I would like to collect your opinions
 >> on what is the best way to get one (translate from Java? get it
 >> from someone who has developed it and never told? write one from
 >> scratch?). Just let me know what you think.
 >Believe it or not, but we already had this idea a couple of years ago... =
 >C++ OpenMath library was a deliverable of the OpenMath European project.=20
 >This was based on the C library that we developped at INRIA.=20
 >Whether this library is still of any real use, I don't know. This was
 >designed before the days of XML ruling the world and thus it only parses
 >the strict XML subset of the OpenMath standard at that time (and also the
 >binary encoding, of course). Most people these days seem to want to
 >embed OpenMath in arbitrary pieces of XML or embed arbitrary pieces of XM=
 >inside the XML OpenMath encoding, meaning that they need a full XML
 >parser. If this is the case, a better choice would be to make a wrapper
 >around a good C XML library (such as the Gnome one, for example).
 >    St=E9phane.
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