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Brian Palmer bpalmer at cs.nmsu.edu
Fri Aug 30 07:08:24 CEST 2002

"Meghasyam  Bokam" <mbokam_om at rediffmail.com> writes:

> Dear Openmathers,
>     Can I write a phrasebook using java openmath library to convert
>     Openmath into MathML, and back from MathML(content) to Openmath? 
>     If I can/can't do that, what is the best way to do?

It seems doable in XSLT (although a bit tedious); a paper describing a
lot of the differences between the languages is at

I had thought there were existing style sheets to do the
transformation, but I had problems actually finding any that would do
it. So, I just started last week writing my own. If somebody has the
existing stylesheets available, I'd be glad to use those instead, but
otherwise, I'll make mine publically available when I'm finished.. 

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