[om] About new XML encoding methods for OpenMath

Paul Libbrecht paul at activemath.org
Fri May 16 17:35:18 CEST 2003

Dear OpenMathers,

At the last OpenMath meeting, Michael Kohlhase has presented a few 
solutions to use more "XML-ish" notations for OpenMath especially with 
respect to content-dictionary references.

First a remark: actually using the namespace prefix inside attributes is 
not really something completely counter-XML. Namely the XPath 
expressions in XSL do make use of them.

Second, I wanted to stress an approach that stood in these slides. 
Namely, Michael suggested to use instead of:
	<OMS name="in" cd="set1"/>
to use, with a namespace declaration like
xmlns:lset="http://www.openmath.org/cds/set1", the following

To which I did complain that it would bring the nightmare of the MathML DTD.
Well, right after this proposition, was a bracket: "Schemas for 
Content-dictionaries ?".

I wanted to actually reconsider this point as being a possibly not so 
crazy fact. It would enjoy bringing some relatively formal syntax 
specification with the content-dictionaries which would be appreciated, 
I think, by many.:

Feedback ?

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