[om] Re: prefix in units_ops1

Bill Naylor Bill.Naylor at mcs.vuw.ac.nz
Wed Sep 24 09:10:43 CEST 2003

> Hi,
> I am unhappy with the definition of the prefix symbol in units_ops1:
> "prefix
> This symbol represents the fact that the subsequent unit has been
> effectively multiplied by 1,000 ($10^{3}$) "
> This seems to me to be a particular application of prefix, viz. to the
> kilo symbol. I think something much more along the lines of:
> This symbol represents the fact that the second argument (a unit) has been
> effectively multiplied by a constant specified by the first argument (a
> prefix).

I have just noticed a second bug, in the file units_ops.sts the signature
has first argument of type:

    <OMS cd="units_sts" name="prefix"/>

this should be:
    <OMS cd="units_sts" name="unit_prefix"/>


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