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Manolis Mavrikis m.mavrikis at ed.ac.uk
Sat Aug 14 10:22:58 CEST 2004

(with the usual apologies for cross postings)

    The ones who attended the previous CETIS Assessment SIG meeting will 
be familiar with the "Serving Mathematics" project that Gustav 
presented. The project is funded by JISC (see some more details here: 
http://maths.york.ac.uk/serving_maths/) and one of its aims is to 
produce a mathematics version of the Question and Test Interoperability 
specification and to implement it in various existing assessment systems.

    Because the specification is a prerequisite to our development we 
are planning a workshop as soon as possible and we would like to get as 
much community input into this specification as possible. So we would 
like to invite anyone with an interest in computer aided mathematics 
assessment to come to the workshop to join the discussions. It will take 
place at York and we anticipate that its main part will start at 11:00 
and finish no later than 17:00 so as at least some UK attendees can go 
back home on the same day. The day will be spent with several short 
presentations from individuals but we anticipate that most of the time 
will be spent with discussions of details arising from these presentations.

We can provide funding for some participants if appropriate. In this 
case please reply to this email explaining your interests and your 
intended contribution. In addition, on the day following the main 
workshop we will have a smaller workshop during which a core of 
developers will work more on the detailed issues that the main workshop 
will have identified. If you think you would like to take part in this 
process as well, please email me.

We would like to fix the date for the workshop in such a way that it is 
suitable for most. For this purpose the following "quiz"


<>asks you to answer  a multiple choice question. In order to complete 
it you will have to register as a user with the system. This gives us 
the opportunity to know who is interested in the workshop, what are your 
preferred times and to be able to contact you. Choose the dates between 
September 2 and September 14 on which you can attend. Please answer the 
quiz (there will be no grades wink) before Wednesday so that we can fix 
the final date soon enough for everybody to make arrangements.

    Thank you,

Manolis Mavrikis
School of Mathematics
The University of Edinburgh
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