[Om] Specification of functions, preserving function signatures

Andreas Franke afranke at ags.uni-sb.de
Thu Dec 8 15:47:34 CET 2005

W Naylor wrote:

>  <OMS cd="fns1" name="lambda"/>
>however this holds no typing information. One possible solution is to use 
>attribution where the attribute is 
><OMS cd="ecc" name="type"/>
>this has role 'semantic-attribution' so preserves semantic information, an 
>example would be f:Z->N x +-> x^2 as
I think in Omega we use an attribution method for specifying the type of
lambda-bound variables, see e.g.

            <OMS cd="fns1" name="lambda" />
                  <OMS cd="simpletypes" name="type" />
                  <OMS cd="NATURAL" name="NUM" />
                <OMV name="X" />

We don't use that mechanism to specify the type of the result expression, 


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