[Om] TC 2006: Call for Participation.

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Wed Feb 22 05:36:37 CET 2006

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                TC'2006 Call for Participation
                 Transgressive Computing 2006
           A Conference in Honor of Jean Della Dora.

              April 24-26, Facultad de Ciencias
                 Universida de Ganada, Spain.
                      tc2006 at orcca.on.ca

The On-Line Registration for TC'2006 is open. You are welcome to 
participate to TC'2006. The deadline for registration is March 31. 

The TC'2006 program consists of:
(1) Invited Talks by:
   * Jean Della Dora, INPG, Grenoble, France
   * Eugene Asarin, Univ. Paris 7, France
   * Leon Brenig, Univ. Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
   * Claude Brezinski, Univ. Lille 1, France
   * Alessandra Carbone, IHES, France.
   * Victor Fairen, UNED, Spain
   * Jean-Pierre Ramis, Univ. Paul Sabatier, France
   * Stephen M. Watt, Univ. Western Ontario, Canada
(2) Thirty-four Contributed Talks
(3) Guided Tour of the Alhambra (April 27)

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