[Om] svn.openmath.org down

Paul Libbrecht paul at activemath.org
Mon Mar 2 13:37:32 CET 2009

Le 27-févr.-09 à 23:30, Christoph LANGE a écrit :
>> this is unfortunate indeed and has been such since Monday 16:00  
>> where,
>> it seems, the repository has crashed. Actually that crash has  
>> caused a
>> flurry of other crashes where the Apache serving this and many other
>> services (including www.openmath.org) ran out of connections.
> Uh-oh…
>> Could you look at the SWiM history to see if anything happened on
>> Monday 16:00 CET?
> You mean Monday 23rd?

yes I do.

> Nothing unusual there.  Currently, the OpenMath wiki
> only makes connections to the svn when somebody is logged in whose  
> svn account
> I configured in the SWiM database, i.e. one of us, but on that day  
> no such
> person was logged in.

No guilt so. Mmmh.
There's a command-line svn update every hour that's a client, I don't  
see this as flooding either.
Seems hard to find a guilt... strange.

>> Michael, at the trac history?
> How would the Trac be related to the OpenMath server?  We're not  
> able to link
> it to the OpenMath svn repository, as that only works on filesystem  
> level if
> both Trac and svn are on the same machine.

Ah, ok.
Actually, if we move the svn to the newer server we would get exactly  
that: svn and trac linked.
Is it easy to export the Trac data?

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