[Om] JOMDoc ver.0.1.4 released!

Viacheslav Zholudev vyacheslav.zholudev at gmail.com
Tue Apr 6 18:53:23 CEST 2010

Dear community!

I'm glad to announce the release of JOMDoc v.0.1.4 - a Java library for OpenMath, MathML and OMDoc (https://trac.omdoc.org/OMDoc) formats.

* Transforming OpenMath to Presentation MathML
* … optionally creating parallel markup of OpenMath and Presentation MathML as
* There is a notation definition language, which is easier to use than XSLT
 and allows you to define how symbols from your own OpenMath CDs will be
* When the content markup is embedded into larger XML documents, rendering the
 formulae will either keep that XML untouched, or you can specify an XSLT that
 e.g. translates the surrounding XML to XHTML.
* There is an easy to use language for defining
 alternative notations for symbols, both standard symbols and new, user- or
 application-specific symbols.
* Support of OMDoc format  (https://trac.omdoc.org/OMDoc)

Project page: https://jomdoc.omdoc.org/
Release notes: https://jomdoc.omdoc.org/wiki/JOMDoc014
Documentation: https://jomdoc.omdoc.org/wiki/JOMDoc (and Javadocs)

JOMDoc has a command line interface as well as GUI. 

For any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to write back!


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