[Om] How to translate csymbol/@definitionURL [Re: OpenMath 2010]

David Carlisle davidc at nag.co.uk
Fri Jul 16 14:01:32 CEST 2010

On 16/07/2010 12:49, Christoph LANGE wrote:

> I think that would be legal,

I don't see anything even faintly risky about that?

  because the "compliance" section of OpenMath does
> not require a phrasebook that would not be interested in those RDF-like FMPs

No application is obliged to take note of any FMP. If you are writing a 
renderer for example FMP's aren't too interesting.
>>> Suppose we want to say: transc1#sin is the same as
>>> http://dlmf.nist.gov/...#sin,

you could do that with an FMP and a suitable OMS to say sameas, or what 
we did in the old monet project was to have a very thin rdf version of 
the cds (that threw away almost all information other than the cd and 
symbol names) then you could use owl or something to say sameas.
Depends whether you want to express everything in OM or whether you want 
OM to play in a larger world (or both:-)

> Could we please do it on a concrete example?  I don't completely get it from
> the rewrite rules.  Suppose we have
> <csymbol definitionURL="http://example.org/foo/bar">bar</csymbol>
> then by rule 9c this would turn into
> <semantics>
>    <csymbol>bar</csymbol>
>    <annotation cd="mathmlattr" name="definitionURL">
>      http://example.org/foo/bar</annotation>
> </semantics>
> But<csymbol>bar</csymbol>  is not valid strict markup (and thus not
> translatable to OpenMath), as it doesn't have a CD.  So would it be rewritten
> to<ci>bar</ci>  instead?

yes, although in practice if you have a pile of legacy mathml encoding 
using csymbols without enough information to infer the CD from the rules 
in 4.6, but you know from some "external" information that they all 
refer to some CDs on your website, then you might want to do a 
site-specific prepass adding cd="http://jacobs-university.de/..." on to 
all the cds before invoking the general algorithm.


> Cheers, and thanks in advance,
> Christoph

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