[Om] Question concerning OpenMath encoding

Professor James Davenport jhd at cs.bath.ac.uk
Fri Mar 26 09:37:15 CET 2010

On Thu, March 25, 2010 7:51 am, Heeren, Bastiaan wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a silly question about the OpenMath encoding, and the symbols
> defined in the list1 dictionary in particular. Suppose I want to represent
> the empty list with the n-ary symbol list1.list. Should that be:
>    <OMA><OMS cd='list1' name='list' /></OMA>
> or just:
>    <OMS cd='list1' name='list' />
> In case both are correct, would you consider one to be better than the
> other one?
Very defiitely the first. The second is the operator itself, not the
result (thinking in an operational way, which of course if not the only
way to view OpenMath). Oddly enough, I was lecturing on a very similar
point (in the context of MatLab) a few weeks ago: relevant slide attached.
> I could not figure out the correct encoding from the online documentation.
> To me, it seems strange to have an application without arguments to the
> function. On the other hand, if you are expecting a list, it is more
> regular to have the <OMA> surrounding the list symbol.
This obviously depends on one's point of view, but the OpenMath
documentation is probably not as clear as it should be here. I'll think
about this.

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