[Om] Again: Infrastructure update progress?

Paul Libbrecht paul at hoplahup.net
Thu Aug 29 17:36:49 CEST 2013


on the side of the web server change, things are under way.

Two things in queue, both started but not finished:
- change DNS in the registry to that of cloudflare (Mika)
- move of the web-site to TU/e (in process, mostly Jan-Willem and his infrastructure's team to get an account that is open for remote login)

The same will be done for the subversion server at some point.

Maybe that reminds the assigned persons?
Please keep infrastructure at openmath.org in the loop for such questions.


Le 29 août 2013 à 16:06, Lars Hellström a écrit :

> Lars Hellström skrev 2013-08-22 18.11:
>> It is now a bit over six weeks
> By now, over seven.
>> since the OpenMath 2013 business meeting
>> where, if memory serves, it was decided that certain changes should be made
>> to our support infrastructure (various *.openmath.org servers, issue
>> trackers, etc.).
>> How is all that coming along?
> Since my previous mail got no respone, I'm trying again, and in addition applying some advice I got: to explicitly Cc (what is effectively a random selection of people I know are on this list anyway), since apparently that is necessary for making anyone react in any way. :-(
> Seriously, guys: what is the point of having a mailing list if one anyway has to address everything explicitly to people in order to have anyone take notice? ;-) It's not like om at openmath.org gets much traffic.
> Lars Hellström

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