[Om3] Names of the Joint MathML3/OM3 CDs

Michael Kohlhase m.kohlhase at jacobs-university.de
Thu Jan 24 08:52:17 CET 2008

Dear all,

I have set up a TRAC issue https://trac.kwarc.info/OM3/ticket/25 for 
this. It would be good, if we could have as much of the discussion there 
to keep the OM3 mailing list for announcements. So, go to 
https://trac.kwarc.info/OM3, sign up (so that you can contribute and put 
up your views in the issue.

> Dear all,
> I have been looking at product and sum some more in the context of the 
> lifted AC operators (see https://trac.kwarc.info/OM3/ticket/23), and 
> there the situation gets even thornier. We have the mathml <sum/> token 
> element, which in the classification above is plus-exp, and we have the 
> sum at arith1 symbol in OpenMath, which is actually plus-coll.
> So we have to decide where the simple backwards compatibility wins, 
> MathML or OpenMath. In my mind plus-exp should be named 'sum' somehow. 
> But it should not be sum at arith1, which is already taken.
> This raises the general question, what the names of the content 
> dictionaries will be for the MathML CDs should be. Maybe we have to 
> invent new names to make sure that the old OpenMath CDs from the MathML 
> Group are deprecated. Maybe we should use  m:arith.cd3 for the joint 
> MathML3/OpenMath3 CD for arithmetic smbols. That would at least make the 
> design easier, since we do have have backwards compatibility problems.
> We will have to discuss this in the near future in the OM3 group, so 
> please give us your opinion.
> Michael

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