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#7: Denotation official of CDs
     Reporter:  kohlhase    |          Owner:  jhd             
         Type:  proposal    |         Status:  assigned        
     Priority:  blocker     |      Milestone:  MathML3CD Draft1
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Comment (by jhd):

 I don't believe this is a serious issue in the long term. The OpenMath
 Society is a permanent body, as is W3C, but NOT the MathML WG. Hence,
 unless W3C itself wishes to take over ownership, which I believe (but do
 not know) it is unlikely to do, ownership must rest with OM Society.
 There is a short-term issue, which is important in several ways. OM
 Society should agree (?in Barcelona) that it will accept the MathML3 CDs
 in block (if at all), to prevent any divergence etc.

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