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#16: sort out data/dist in s-data1.mcd and s-dist1.mcd
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Comment (by kohlhase):

 Replying to [comment:4 jhd]:
 > Again, we need a policy decision: are we going to separate the two?

 I personally think that the OM way of doing things makes more sense, but I
 would like to hear David's and Olga's opinion on this. In contrast to the
 multiset case, where we do not seem to have any choice for syntactic
 reasons. You are right, we do have a choice here.

 Of course, if we take them apart as suggested by the OM CDs, then we may
 have problems with the pragmatic to strict conversion in MathML3. James, I
 am unfamiliar with these statistics things. Are there syntactical ways the
 dist and data cases can be distinguished automatically, or is the
 distinction automatic?

 If there are, then I have the feeling that we can either separate them (we
 can do the conversion automatically), but we do not gain much by it. If
 there are not, then we should really separate but we have problems with
 the legacy material. :-(

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