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#21: Rethink STS in light of RNC generation
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 A type system is only useful, if there are standard tools for using ist. I
 have made the first steps towards generating a RelaxNG schema from STS
 types. This would allow to generate a strict OpenMath/MathML Schema from
 the STS we have and integrate that e.g. into emacs with nxml or the
 official (lax) OpenMath3 Schema.

 But there is a problem with the higher-order types that STS uses for sum
 and product (types have to be RelaxNG names). I can probably fudge it for
 second-order types, but that would be a hack.

 The MathML signatures allow intersection types (one symbol having more
 than one type), which STS does not. But for generation this would be very
 easy to integrate.

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