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#23: sort out symbols for associative binary operators, e.g. union
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Comment (by kohlhase):

 I have been looking at product and sum some more, and there the situation
 gets even thornier. We have the mathml <sum/> token element, which in the
 classification above is plus-exp, and we have the sum at arith1 symbol in
 OpenMath, which is actually plus-coll.

 So we have to decide where the simple backwards compatibility wins, MathML
 or OpenMath. In my mind plus-exp should be named 'sum' somehow. But it
 should not be sum at arith1, which is already taken.

 This raises the general question, what the names of the content
 dictionaries will be for the MathML CDs should be. Maybe we have to invent
 new names to make sure that the old OpenMath CDs from the MathML Group are
 deprecated. Maybe we should use m:arith.cd3 for the joint
 MathML3/OpenMath3 CD for arithmetic smbols.

 I am raising the issue on the OM3 mailing list and splitting this issue
 out to #25.

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