Preliminary announcement for the next OpenMath workshop

Stephane Dalmas Stephane.Dalmas at
Tue Apr 8 19:48:15 CEST 1997

This is a preliminary announcement for the next OpenMath workshop to be held 
on the French Riviera.

The goal of this announcement is to help us to organize the workshop
according to the preferences of the participants.

After private discussions with some potential participants and early checking
with hotels, the possibles dates are :

- May 23, 24 (preferred for option A, see below)
- May 30, 31

For the workshop location, we have two options :

A- to hold the workshop in an hotel (it would be a very good hotel with a
   good location)
B- to hold the workshop at INRIA 

Since the european program that has funded the previous workshops is now
terminated, INRIA will not be able to support the full expenses for the
workshop. Nevertheless, our project will be happy to cover part of your

With INRIA funding, the cost for two days (two nights at the hotel, including
breakfast and lunches) could range from 800 to 1000 FF for option A and
from 300FF to 500FF for option B. This is based on an estimation of 30
participants. As the local organizers, we think that option A would be more
enjoyable for all participants.

As you probably guess, hotels tend to be overbooked on the french riviera at
this time of year. Thus we kindly ask you to send us your preferences
regarding the options and dates and other comments AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Best regards,

The local organization :
Stephane Dalmas
Marc Gaetano
Yves Papegay

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