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                        Final  Call for Papers

                     Sixth CALCULEMUS and TYPES Workshop

                   -Integrating Computation and Deduction-

             Eindhoven University of Technology July 13-15, 1998


     The workshop

     A few years ago, several groups from the deduction and computer
     algebra communities decided to work together towards the
     integration of theorem provers and computer algebra systems. This
     collaborative project has been called Calculemus. Five workshops
     have already been held, respectively in Rome, Dagstuhl, Linz,
     Trento, and Edinburgh. Attendance was restricted to groups
     belonging to Calculemus. So far the Types project has operated in
     much the same direction, but with a stronger focus on
     Lambda-Calculus.  Significant progress has now been achieved and
     it has been decided that this workshop will be fully open and
     provide the atmosphere for discussion among the two communities.
     The present workshop is the first joint enterprise of these two


     The theme of the workshop is the integration of deduction and
     computation. All pertinent submissions will be considered. Papers
     and extended abstract  on the following topics are especially

        * Coupling existing computer algebra systems and theorem
        * Connections between formal and informal approaches to
        * Inclusion of deduction capabilities into computer algebra
        * Inclusion of computational capabilities into theorem provers
        * Implementation details regarding the above, such as a
          mathematical software bus
        * Formal methods, specification and semantics, applied to
          Automated Theorem Proving or Symbolic Computation
        * Design of systems for handling both deduction and

     Related events

     The workshop will be held in parallel with the   UITP workshop  on
     the analysis and design of user interfaces for theorem proving
     assistants.  Two invited speakers are expected at the UITP
     workshop, one of them is   Harold Thimbleby.

     Invited speakers

     Five invited talks are expected at the Calculemus and Types
     workshop. Among them, there will be survey talks concerning the
     achievements, the activities and the goals of the project
     CALCULEMUS and those of the project TYPES. Robert Constable, Henk
     Barendregt and Dana Scott  will be among the invited speakers.
     All invited talks will be held in plenary sessions with the
     workshop UITP and the participants to both workshops  will  be
     able to attend them.


     Papers may be up to 10 pages in length. A cover sheet must display
     the author's name, institution, email and postal adresses, and an
     abstract. Systems demonstrations are also invited. Authors must
     state in the cover sheet whether they intend to offer a
     demonstration of a running system.
     Submissions should be sent electronically, in (La)TeX source, or
     as an HTML document to calc at before May 1.
     The submissions will either be accepted or rejected for
     presentation by the program committee before June 1. No formal
     proceedings will appear, but a depository of the accepted papers
     will be made available via the Web, provided the authors agree.
     This enables authors to submit their work also to journals or
     conferences with a proper refereeing procedure. The main role of
     the program committee will be to filter the submissions so as to
     ensure a balanced workshop and good quality contributions.

     Program Committee

      Henk Barendregt (Nijmegen)  Fausto Giunchiglia  (Trento)
      Bruno Buchberger (Linz)     JanWillem Klop (Amsterdam)
      Alan Bundy (Edinburgh)      Joerg Siekmann (Saarbrücken)
      Jacques Calmet (Karlsruhe)  Jan Smith (cochair, Gothenburg)
      Arjeh Cohen (chair,
      Eindhoven)                  Andrzej Trybulec (Bialystok)

     Local organization

     Please let the organizers know as soon as possible if you intend
     to come by sending a short e-mail to calc at .

        * Olga Caprotti
        * Arjeh M. Cohen


     Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


     EIDMA, the  Euler Institute for Discrete Mathematics and its
     Applications (

     More information

     Enquire with mail to calc at and/or look up the workshop
     web page:

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