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       2nd International Conference
       "Tools for Mathematical Modelling"
       Saint-Petersburg State Technical University,
       Saint-Petersburg, Russia

       1999, June 14-19

The MathTools'99 organizing committee would appreciate your assistance in
distributing the appended second conference announcement and call for
papers to your colleagues.

Apologies for any multiple copies!


MATHTOOLS'99 is a multidisciplinary conference on latest advances
in the theory of mathematical modelling and the role of
the theory for explanation of some nonlinear effects arising in real
systems as well as demonstration of up-to-date efficient methods
for solving of applied technical problems, providing an ideal forum
for researchers to disseminate knowledge, research results and
applications in many sectors of activity.
This will be the second of a series of conferences initiated in 1996,
and organized by the  State Technical University of Saint-Petersburg.
Conference sessions will be started by a 1-hour invited lecture followed
by contributed papers, 20 minutes each. Invited talks will highlight
some of the major accomplishments, trends and problems in the theory.

Working languages
The working languages are English and Russian.

Topics of interest
Papers may address a broad range of research fields of current
interest. A list of possible topics includes (but is not limited to)
the following:
        * Mathematical modelling
        * Computer algebra
        * Design techniques
        * Numerical methods
        * Parallel and distributed algorithms
        * Computer modeling in dynamical systems
        * Mathematical models in biology, medicine, ecology etc.
        * Applications to physics, electrotechniques, and electronics
        * Dynamic economic models
        * General macro-economic models
        * Market models

Organizing committee
Chairman    - G.S.Osipenko (St.Petersburg Technical University)

Secretary   - Yuri Ivanov (St.Petersburg Technical University)

Scientific committee
Gillian Tardivel (UK)
Alexander Kasterin (Russia)
Daniel Dytte (Denmark)
Mika Seppala (Finland)
Giorggio Picci (Italy)
Benno Fuchssteiner (Germany)
Alexei Zhizchenko (Russia)
Olga Plechova (Russia)
Jens Hugger (Denmark)
Flemming Topsoe (Denmark)
Sergei Znamensii (Russia)
Marian Mrozek (Poland)
Valeriy Tkachenko (Ukraine)
Leonid Belous (Ukraine)
Vyacheslav Zavadskii (Belorussia)
Vasiliy Malozemov (Russia)
Alexander Petukhov (Russia)

Dates to remember
* Abstracts due: April 30, 1999
* Registration form: April 30, 1999
* Meeting in St. Petersburg: June 14-19, 1999

The paper selection for the meeting will be made on the basis of an
abstract. This should describe, in 1-2 complete pages,
the objectives, methods and techniques if
applicable, essential results already obtained and conclusions of the

Abstract in camera-ready copy must be sent by normal mail (2 copies),
to the meeting secretariat.

How to prepare a camera-ready copy of an abstract

Abstracts should be prepared in two copies in camera ready format, viz:

- text should be typed in clear letters on one side only of a sheet of
  white paper of 210x297 mm size in such a way that the space for a text
  should be 180x250 mm (right and left margins are 15 mm each, top one -
  26 mm, bottom - 22 mm): the margin line should not actually be

- text should be one and a half spaced and typed with a middle bold tape;

- the title of the paper is to be typed at the middle of
  the line in capital letters;

- name of the author (authors) should be typed in the middle
  in small letters; no degrees and post should be pointed;

-  an affiliation, a city and a country are to be typed in small letters,

- e-mail

- the text is placed under e-mail;

- permissible volume of the abstract (1-2 pages) should be used in such
  a way that a minimum spare place is left in the last page (not more
  than 5-6 lines).

As rule we do not use an electronic version of abstract.

Notify the organization by e-mail to:

         lab at
         math at

Meeting site
        Saint-Petersburg State Technical University,
        Polytechnicheskaya st. 29, St. Petersburg


It is suggested to publish Proceedings of the meeting,
including all papers accepted for presentation and
invited talks.

Registration fees

1.  Participant                     100 (US dollars)

2.  Student                          25 (US dollars)

3.  Participant from the Former
    Soviet Union (FSU-participant)   25 (US dollars)

    We hope to reduce the fee for Russian participants as
    Russian Foundation for Basic Research gives a support.

    For the publication of abstracts it is necessary to bring in an advance
    payment at a rate of 100 roubles to the address (to write in Russian):
    193231, St.-Petersburg, John Rid street, house 7, flat 255,
    Ivanov Yuri

Please, inform us if you need an official invitation to visa.

Tourist information
Saint-Petersburg is the central point of the northwestern Russia.
St.Petersburg (the former capital of Russia) is the second most
important scientific and cultural center in Russia and is recognized
as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is situated on
both banks of the Neva River and on the coast of the Finnish Gulf.
Many famous museums, among which are the Hermitage and
the Russian museum, are located in St.Petersburg.
June is a very pleasant season in St.Petersburg - the season of
so-called White Nights.

Meeting secretariat
        Yuri Ivanov
        Dept. of Mathematics
        State Technical University
        Polytechnicheskaya st., 29
        St.Petersburg 195251, Russia
        Fax.: +7+812+5343314
        e-mail: lab at
                math at

Registration form

MATHTOOLS'99 (14-19 June, 1999, Russia)


First Name_________________________________________________________




Post code_____________________________Country______________________



Accompanying person _______________________________________________

I intend to be accommodated in
a hotel of St.Petersburg:                              Yes/No
I intend to be accommodated in
a student's hostel of the Technical University:        Yes/No
Please indicate the number of places and
duration of stay in St.Petersburg.

I wish to receive further information:                  Yes / No
I intend to participate in the meeting:                 Yes / No
I intend to submit an abstract:                         Yes / No

Date    /       /

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