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> Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 16:11:05 -0700
> To: Taneli Huuskonen <huuskone at cc.helsinki.fi>
> From: June Lester <jalester at cecm.sfu.ca>

> I'd like to circulate the info below to the OpenMath community.  Please
> pass it on if you think it's appropriate - we'd certainly be interested in
> learning what OpenMath can do for online math.
> Thanks
> June
> ============================================
> Announcing WebMath, the mailing list for anyone interested in mathematics
> on the World Wide Web.  If you're an educator interested in teaching and
> learning on the web, here's the place to discuss how to do it or share your
> experience and expertise with like-minded folk - technology, pedagogy,
> whatever interests you.  If your company produces online educational
> materials, you're welcome here, too - announce products (no advertising,
> please) or get feedback from users.  If you're involved in editing or
> publishing online mathematical journals, look here for discussions on
> writing, formatting, citing and archiving mathematics on the web - or start
> your own.  If you're doing mathematical research on the web, researching
> mathematical doings on the web or just keeping tabs on what's happening
> with math on the web and who's making it happen, this is the list for you.
> To sign up, go to
> <http://www.camel.math.ca/cgi-bin/wcms/webmath.pl>
> and fill out the form.
> The WebMath list is brought to you with the support of the Canadian
> Mathematical Society.
> ============================================

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