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Tue May 25 12:43:45 CEST 1999

Dear Colleagues and Students,

Apologies if you receive more than one copy of this message.
Included below is the second announcement for the LUATCS
Summer School and Workshop, as well as a registration form.
The same information can also be obtained from the LUATCS webpage

We hope you are interested in this event and also make this
information known to your friends and students.

Val Goranko and Peter Jipsen





    Rand Afrikaans University, Johannesburg, South Africa 

                     December 1-10, 1999

                     SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT

LUATCS'99 is organized under the auspices of the Department of
Mathematics at the Rand Afrikaans University (RAU) in Johannesburg,
South Africa, the National Research Foundation of South Africa (NRF),
the Laboratory for Formal Aspects and Complexity in Computer Science
(FACCS-Lab) at the University of Cape Town, and the Interest Group in
Logic, Universal Algebra and Theoretical Computer Science at the South
African Mathematical Society (SAMS).

  Samson Abramsky (University of Edinburgh, UK)
  Hajnal Andreka (Math. Inst. of the Hungarian Acad. of Sciences)
  Johan van Benthem, Chair (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands) 
  Chris Brink (University of Wollongong, Australia) 
  Robin Hirsch (University College London, UK) 
  Wilfrid Hodges (Queen Mary and Westfield College, UK) 
  Bjarni Jonsson (Vanderbilt University, USA) 
  Istvan Nemeti (Math. Inst. of the Hungarian Acad. of Sciences) 
  Jeff Zucker (McMaster University, Canada)

  Isabella Burger (Rand Afrikaans University, local arrangements),
  Val Goranko (Rand Afrikaans University, co-chair), 
  Peter Jipsen (University of Cape Town, co-chair).

I. ACTIVITIES: Short introductory and advanced courses, tutorials and
workshops on each of the three subjects: Logic, Universal Algebra and
Theoretical Computer Science, as well as combined courses and
tutorials/workshops on specific topics within the scope of the
school. Also, there will be open sessions with contributed talks.

The courses and tutorials will be given by invited lecturers and will
be grouped in two parts: introductory and advanced.

The purpose of the single-subject courses is to give a concise
introduction into the basics, and some advanced topics of the subject
for participants with little or no background (for the introductory
courses) and with basic knowledge (for the advanced courses) in the

The purpose of the interdisciplinary courses, tutorials, and workshops
is to discuss the interaction between the subjects of the school.

A general purpose of the school is to reflect the current development
of each of the three subjects and the interaction between them, with
an emphasis on recent trends and research topics in them.

The introductory part is aimed at lower graduate (honours and masters)
students but will be accessible for undergraduates majoring in
mathematics and computer science too. Essentially no special
knowledge, but some formal background, will be expected for these
courses. The advanced part will be suitable for higher graduate
(masters and doctoral) students and researchers.

1) PART 1: Introductory courses. December 1-4, RAU-Island (Vaal Dam,
see below).  Each course will comprise four sessions and will give a
general background into the subject(s), necessary to follow the
advanced courses.


(Legend: L:Logic, UA: Universal Algebra, TCS: Theoretical Computer Science)

  L: Patrick Blackburn (University of Saarland) 

  UA: Matt Valeriote (McMaster University, Canada) 

  TCS: Austin Melton (Kent State Univ., USA)

  L&UA: Yde Venema (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands) 

  L&TCS: Holger Schlingloff (University of Bremen, Germany) 

  UA&TCS: H. Peter Gumm (University of Marburg, Germany)

2) PART 2: Advanced courses, tutorials, workshops, open
sessions. December 6-10, Rand Afrikaans University, Johannesburg. (NB:
the duration of the school has been extended by 1 day since the 1st
announcement.) Each of the modules listed below will consist of a
tutorial part, possibly followed by a workshop part.


-) Hajnal Andreka, Istvan Nemeti (Math. Inst. Hungarian Acad. of
   Sciences): Logic, relativity theory and Tarskian geometry.

-) Johan van Benthem (Univ. of Amsterdam, Netherlands): 
   Game theory and modal logic.

-) Zhou Chaochen, (United Nations Univ., Macau): 
   Duration Calculus.

-) Anuj Dawar (Univ. of Cambridge, UK): 
   Fixed point logics and finite model theory.

-) Brian Davey (La Trobe Univ., Australia):  
   Advanced universal algebra. 

-) Mai Gehrke (New Mexico State Univ., USA): 
   Lattices with additional  operations.

-) Robin Hirsch (Univ. College London, UK): 
   Algebraic logic.  

-) Wilfrid Hodges (Queen Mary and Westfield College,UK): 
   Advanced logic.

-) Bart Jacobs (University of Nijmegen, Netherlands) and 
   Jan Rutten (Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science, Netherlands):
   Co-algebra, theory and applications.

-) Thomas Jech (Penn State Univ., USA): 
   Left-distributive algebras.

-) Maarten de Rijke (Univ. of Amsterdam, Netherlands): 
   Computational logic and automated theorem proving.

-) Moshe Vardi (Rice Univ., USA): 
   Automata-theoretic approach to design verification.

-) Jeff Zucker (McMaster Univ., Canada):
   Computability on abstract algebras.  


Participants will have the opportunity to present their research at
open sessions and special workshop sessions.

If you wish to contribute a talk to any of the workshops, please
contact the respective organizer(s) BEFORE AUGUST 1 (see webpage
for email addresses).

For participation in the open session, send or e-mail in either plain
text, standard LaTeX, or Postscript, a one A4 page abstract to the
address of the school, to reach us BY AUGUST 1.

Notification of acceptance/rejection will be send to you soon after
submission, and not later than AUGUST 15, unless otherwise specified
by the workshop organizers.

More details on the courses, tutorials and workshops and detailed
programme of the School will be placed in due course on our Webpage at 
and sent to the registered participants with the 3rd announcement.

2.3) CREDITS: 
The courses offered at the school can be taken for official credit and
recognized (by prior arrangements with respective heads of
departments) as modules for graduate courses, after successful
completion of assignments given by the respective lecturers.

II. TIME: December 1-10, 1999. 9 working days, and a free/relocation
day on December 5. (Note that this is an early summer time in the
Southern hemisphere.)


Part I: December 1-4 1999, RAU-Island. This is a fairly large island
in the Vaal Dam, some 100 km south of Johannesburg. The island is a
nature reserve, with various game on it to be seen: springboks,
blesboks, gemsboks, zebras, gnus, etc. Besides the wilderness, it also
has conference, accommodation, and recreation facilities including: 3
lecture rooms with boards and overhead projectors (one of them with an
aircon); full board (accommodation and 3 meals a day), barbecue area,
swimming pool, rugby field, volley-ball court etc.

ARRIVAL AND REGISTRATION: November 30. We shall provide bus
transportation for all participants from RAU campus to the Island on
that day. There will be two buses, the first leaving at 12.00, and the
second at 16.00. We can transport, upon prior request, participants
from the Johannesburg International Airport to RAU on November 30,
between 10.00 and 15.00h. (Please book your trip to Johannesburg so as
to reach RAU campus in time, because there is no regular transport to
the Island.)

On December 5 all participants will be transported back to RAU campus.

The accommodation on the island is somewhat primitive (yet
satisfactory, at least in summer time) and includes a few individual
rooms (which will be reserved for invited lecturers), while the
participants will be accommodated in two large sleeping barracks (for
men and women) each with toilet and shower facilities. The FULL
PACKAGE (transportation by bus-boat between RAU and the Island,
accommodation, 3 meals and refreshments for 5 days) will cost R550
pp. Note that the access between the mainland and the island is by a
special boat only, which can be hired at a cost.

NB: Because of the limited accommodation facilities on the island, the
number of participants in the first part of the school will be
limited, so early registration for that part is essential.

PART II: December 6-10, 1999, RAU campus. The university campus is
situated in Auckland Park, a relatively quiet and safe suburb off the
business center of Johannesburg. It has very good conference
facilities, and the participants will be provided with computers and
access to Internet during this part of the event. For more info about
RAU, visit its Web site at

ARRIVAL AND REGISTRATION: December 5. There will be a Welcome
reception at RAU during and after the registration of that evening.

We offer 3 main options for the accommodation during the 2nd part of
the school:

A) Hotel. The following special rates have been negotiated with
Randburg Towers Hotel (3 star, near Waterfront in Randburg, about 30
min drive to RAU), between which and RAU we shall provide twice daily
bus transport.

	Single rooms: R244 pp/pd, incl. breakfast.  
        Double and twin rooms: R230 per room/pd, excl. breakfast @ R29
	per person.

	All rooms are with bath en suite, aircon, telephone, and TV. 

B) There are limited possibilities for accommodation in guest-houses
within walking distance from the university, offering good, more
intimate environment, with prices ranging from R200-300 pp/pd,
breakfast included. The guest-houses have limited capacities and will
be booked on the basis of first registered - first booked.

C) Student hostels of the University of Witwatersrand (Wits), about
10-15 min drive from RAU. A DAILY PACKAGE of single room, breakfast,
and bus transportation to and from RAU during December 5-10 will cost
R100 pp/pd. In addition, dinners can be booked at the hostels at
R25. The last night for which we have booked the hostels is December
10/11. Those who wish to stay there longer should make their own

For more luxurious accommodation and additional options, check out our
Web-page, but please note that if you choose an accommodation not
listed above, you should make your own booking and transport


We offer a limited number of student grants covering, partly or fully,
registration fee and the local expenses of participants who are
academically deserving and need financial support for the attendance
of the school. Graduate students and young researchers from
disadvantaged communities, interested in the subjects of the School
are encouraged to apply.

The grant applications should include:
  i) letter of application;
 ii) short curriculum vitae
iii) short description of completed and currently studied graduate
     courses, topic(s) of master/doctoral theses (if applicable), and
     research interests.
 iv) reference from the supervisor. 

The applications should reach us soon as possible and NOT LATER THAN
JULY 1, 1999, electronically or per ordinary mail to our postal
address given at the end of this announcement.


The registration form is attached separately or can be downloaded from
our Web page. Please complete and send it per e-mail, fax or mail, to
reach us BY SEPTEMBER 1.


1) REGISTRATION FEE covering the attendance of the courses, tutorials
and workshops, up to 6 sets of course readers per part, and

The EARLY fees, payable by SEPTEMBER 1, 1999 are as follows (at
present 1US $ trades for approx. 6 rands):

   -) Students: R 100 (Part 1), R100 (Part 2), R200 (both).  
   -) Academic participants: R 200 (part 1), R200 (part 2), R400 (both). 
   -) Accompanying persons: R 50 (part 1), R50 (part 2), R100 (both). 
      (excl. course readers). 
   -) Other participants: R 300 (part 1), R300 (part 2), R600 (both).

Deadline for payment: NOVEMBER 1, 1999.

2) An ACCOMMODATION DEPOSIT of R200 is payable at pre-registration, or
NOT LATER THAN NOVEMBER 1, 1999. The remaining part of the
accommodation will be settled directly by the participants (in the
hotels and guest-houses) or paid to the organizers on arrival (for the
Island and Wits hostels).

3) Cancellation policy: before November 1: full refund, less
administrative costs. After November 1: 50% of the registration fee
plus the deposit, if still refundable to us.

4) The methods of payment are indicated in the registration form. 

VII. Summary of DEADLINES: 
1) For grant applications: JULY 1.
2) For submissions to the workshops and the open sessions: AUGUST 1. 
3) For notification AUGUST 15 (unless otherwise specified by the organizers). 
4) For registration and payment of EARLY fees: SEPTEMBER 1. 
5) For FULL payment of registration fees and accommodation deposit: NOVEMBER 1.

VIII. OTHERS: All prices below are payable on arrival. 
1) Lunch packages of 5 lunches will be arranged during the second part
   of the school at R150.
2) A banquet will be organized on December 8 at R70 per person.
3) One-day outings will be organized on December 11 to Gold Reef City
   (Johannesburg), and to the Rhino and Lion Nature reserve and
   Sterkfontein Caves (about 30-40 km away from Johannesburg) each at
   approx. R50 pp. Details will be included in the 3rd announcement and
   placed on the Web.

If you are interested in additional touring, excursions, entertainment
and other recreational activities in South Africa you can contact
Brenda or Tania from Melville Travel at Meltrav at,
tel. ++27-11-726-7166, fax: ++27-11-726-7485, or any other South
African travel agency. Visit our Webpage for more details.


For updates and further information, check out our Webpage at:


For all correspondence, enquires, and to be included on the mailing
list, please write to:
                       luatcs99 at
or send a letter to:

Department of Mathematics
Rand Afrikaans University
PO BOX 524
Auckland Park 2006
South Africa

You can also contact us directly: 

Val Goranko at       vfg at or  
Peter Jipsen at      pjipsen at or  
Isabella Burger at   icb at


   ==========     =================

Wherever requested to indicate choices, please mark with an X in the
brackets or leave blank. The completed registration form should reach
us by SEPTEMBER 1 per e-mail, fax, or ordinary mail.

Title, surname, and first name(s):.....................................
E-mail address:................................

Student[ ]   Academic[ ]  Other[ ]  (Please choose one of these.)

Accompanying persons:     Yes[ ] / No[ ]
If yes: Name(s):..............................................

2.i) Which parts of the school would you like to attend?        
        Part 1 [ ]              Part 2 [ ]              Both parts [ ]

2.ii) Which courses and tutorials/workshops do you intend to attend? 
(This is just preliminary info for us. You can change your mind later.)

Part 1 (1-4 Dec): 
Blackburn[ ]                    Gumm[ ]                 Melton[ ]
Schlingloff[ ]                  Valeriote[ ]            Venema[ ]

Part 2 (6-10 Dec):   
Andreka/Nemeti[ ]               Chaochen[ ]             Davey[ ]
Dawar[ ]                        de Rijke[ ]             Gehrke[ ]
Hirsch[ ]                       Hodges[ ]               Jacobs/Rutten[ ]
Jech[ ]                         van Benthem[ ]
Vardi[ ]                        Zucker[ ]

2.iii) Which sets of course notes/readers do you want to receive? 
(The cost of 6 sets per part is included in the registration fee; 
the rest will cost up to R20 per set - payable on arrival.)

Part 1 (1-4 Dec): 
Blackburn[ ]                    Gumm[ ]         Melton[ ]
Schlingloff[ ]                  Valeriote[ ]            Venema[ ]

Part 2 (6-10 Dec): 
Andreka/Nemeti[ ]               Chaochen[ ]             Davey[ ]  
Dawar[ ]                        de Rijke[ ]             Gehrke[ ]
Hirsch[ ]                       Hodges[ ]               Jacobs/Rutten[ ]
Jech[ ]                         van Benthem[ ]  
Vardi[ ]                        Zucker[ ]

2.iv) Do you intend to give a talk in a workshop or an open session? 
              Workshop[ ] / Open session[ ] / None [ ] 

If yes, please give a title and specify the workshop (if applicable):
3.i) Arrival date and time, airline and flight number (if already known):
3.ii) Departure date and time:...................................

Do you need transportation from and to Johannesburg bus station or
airport? Station[ ] / Airport[ ]

4.  ACCOMMODATION (If you have accompanying persons, please book for
                   them, too.)
4.i) Part 1: December 1-4. 
Arrival and registration day: Nov 30. Departure: Dec 5. 

RAU Island: total package of R550 per person, including accommodation,
3 meals a day, refreshments, and bus/boat transport to and from the

4.ii) Part 2: Dec 6-10, RAU Campus. Arrival and registration day: Dec 5. 
      Departure: evening of Dec 10, or later; 
      for the hostels: not later than Dec 11 unless arranged individually.  

Please indicate your preferences for accommodation in a priority
order, choosing from the options below. All prices are per room per
night, for single rooms including breakfast, for double rooms
excluding breakfast (@R29 per person).


If sharing a double room in the hotel, the name of your roommate:

Note that a R200 accommodation deposit is required, payable with
registration fee.

A) Hotel                SINGLE                  DOUBLE 
                        R244                    R230

B1) Guest-house  at R200 - R250.
B2) Guest-house  at R250 - R300.

C) Student hostel: R100.

D) My own arrangement. 

5. VARIA.  If you have accompanying persons, please book for them as
well, by putting a number in the brackets. All payments are due on

5.i) Would you like lunch package(s) during Dec 6-10 (@ R150 per
package)? Yes [ ] No[ ].

Please specify any dietary restrictions:

5.ii) Would you like to attend the banquet on Dec 8 (@ R70 per
person)? Yes [ ] No [ ].

5.iii) Would you like to join the outing on Saturday, Dec 11 (@ approx. R50)?
- to Gold Reef City, Johannesburg [  ] 
- to the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve and Sterkfontein Caves [  ].

6.i) Please indicate the registration fee applicable to you (IF

Part 1          Part 2          Both

*Student                        R100            R100            R200
Academic                        R200            R200            R400
Accomp. person                   R50             R50            R100
Other                           R300            R300            R600

*Please attach proof.

TOTAL PAYMENT DUE: (Deposit and registration fee) [       ]


A) Personal or bank cheque PAYABLE IN SOUTH AFRICAN RANDS, made out
to: RAU LUATCS '99.
Send to: LUATCS'99, Department of Mathematics, PO Box 524, Auckland
Park 2006, SOUTH AFRICA.

   Cheque enclosed :  Yes[ ] / Will be sent later [ ].

B) Please debit my credit card:
   Card type: Visa[ ]   Master[ ]  Euro[ ]  
              American Express[ ]  Diners Club [ ]
   Card number :                          Expiry date :
   Name as it appears on the card:
   Authorisation for total amount:

C) Bank Transfer To: ABSA Bank, Auckland Park, Branch number 33510524,  
Account number : 284 0000 136. 

PLEASE NOTE: if you use bank transfer, your surname and initials as
well as this reference number: 9331 8659 05 MUST APPEAR on the deposit
slip, of which a copy must be sent to us.

7) REMARKS (if any):

SIGNATURE:...............................      DATE:...............

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