[om-a] Workshop on Generic Programming 2000, call for papers

Johan Jeuring johanj at cs.uu.nl
Thu Sep 2 22:47:07 CEST 1999

               Workshop on Generic Programming


                         6th July 2000

                   Ponte de Lima, Portugal

                        Call for papers

Generic programming is about making programs more adaptable by making them
more general. Generic programs often embody non-traditional kinds of
polymorphism; ordinary programs are obtained from them by suitably
instantiating their parameters. In contrast with normal programs, the
parameters of a generic programs are often quite rich in structure. For
example they may be other programs, types or type constructors, kinds, or
even programming paradigms. 

This workshop follows on the 5th Mathematics of Program Construction

This is the second workshop on generic programming, the first workshop on
generic programming (proceedings) was held on Marstrand, Sweden, in 1998. 


Papers (preferably short, no more than 15 pages) should be submitted in
Postscript format by e-mail to reach Johan Jeuring by March 20, 2000.
Accepted papers will be published in the proceedings of the workshop, which
will appear as a technical report at Utrecht University. 

Submission deadline:  20 March 
Notification:                30 April 
Final version due:        20 May
Workshop:                   6 July


Generic programming techniques have always been of interest, both to
practitioners and theoreticians, but have rarely been a specific focus of
research, until recently. In the last couple of years we have seen: 

    * several language extensions for generic programming
    * lots of examples of generic programming (generalized tries,
unification, data compression, XML applications) ; 
    * programming calculi for generic programming. 

We solicit papers on these topics. The list of topics is not exclusive:
papers on other topics related to generic programming are also welcome. 

                     Programme Committee

     Gianna Belle       (Genova, Italy) 
     Patrik Jansson     (Chalmers, Sweden) 
     Ralf Hinze         (Bonn, Germany) 
     Graham Hutton      (Nottingham, Great Britain) 
     Johan Jeuring      (Utrecht, The Netherlands, chair) 
     Colin Runciman     (York, Great Britain) 
     Fritz Ruehr        (Willamette, USA) 
     Tim Sheard         (OGI, USA) 
     Doaitse Swierstra  (Utrecht, The Netherlands) 


                        Johan Jeuring
                 Department of Computer Science
                      Utrecht University
                         P.O.Box 80.089
                       NL-3508 TB Utrecht
                        The Netherlands
                      email: johanj at cs.uu.nl
                 url: http://www.cs.uu.nl/~johanj/

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