[om-a] Version 0.7.5d OpenMath Java EAR

Stephen Braham warp at polylab.sfu.ca
Fri Jan 28 15:49:12 CET 2000

Dear OpenMathers,
	NAOMI and the Simon Fraser University PolyLAB is pleased to
announce a early-access software release of version 0.7.5d of it's
OpenMath Java library.

	This release is meant to help groups trying to develop
complex OpenMath applications in the latest version of the OpenMath
spec. It has not undergone full requirements or compatibility testing
to the same level as our publically released version 0.5. We are
presently working on version 0.8 and Personal OpenMath for Java

The new 0.7.5d library includes new developments such as:

    Improved MapleOMCodec 
    Compliance with the new OpenMath Specification (Eindhoven 1999)

Note: we expect a 0.7.5e release soon to support XML namespaces in
the XML codecs, if voted in. A 0.7.6 release will also follow shortly
with a new object validation API. Object validation will be used in
a next-generation library designed for embedded and mobile OpenMath

The library is located at http://team.polylab.sfu.ca/openmath/#lib


Stephen P. Braham			Director, PolyLAB
warp at polylab.sfu.ca			TIME Centre 
(604) 268-7981				Simon Fraser University 
(fax) 291-5614				Harbour Centre Campus
http://team.polylab.sfu.ca/~warp/	Vancouver, BC, Canada

   PolyLAB: From the Classroom to Space, http://polylab.sfu.ca/

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