[om-a] ETAPS 2000 - 2nd Call for Participation

Doris Faehndrich doris at cs.tu-berlin.de
Mon Mar 6 18:38:24 CET 2000

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                                       Doris Faehndrich)
                       THEORY AND PRACTICE OF SOFTWARE

      Technical University of Berlin, March 25 - April 2, 2000

-------- CALL FOR PARTICIPATION ----- REMINDER -------------------

Welcome to Berlin, welcome to ETAPS, the European Joint Conferences on 
Theory and Practice of Software, the European forum for academic and 
industrial researchers working on these topics!  

For 9 days you will be able to choose between 
5 conferences -TACAS 2000, FOSSACS 2000, FASE 2000, ESOP 2000, 
    CC 2000 - with more than 120 regular papers and tool 
    demonstrations  covering a wide range of topics from theory 
    and practice,  
7 invited lectures by Abbas Edalat, David Harel, Martin Odersky, 
    Richard M. Soley, Wlayslaw M. Turski, Reinhard Wilhelm, Pierre
5 satellite events - GRATRA 2000, CMCS 2000, CBS 2000, INT 2000,
    CoFi 2000 -,
10 tutorials - XML for Software Engineers, A tutorial on Maude,
    Rigorous Requirements for Safety-Critical Systems: Fundamentals 
    and Applications of the SCR Method, Multi-Paradigm Programming,
    Query-based Automated Debugging, The Unified Modelling Language,
    Swinging Types, Tables and computation, SDL 2000, Software 
    Metrology Basis -
    (We reserve the right to cancel a tutorial owing to unsufficient 

We are pleased that so many people will be attending ETAPS 2000. 
For those who still haven't registered, we are extending

Please, check  for details

Use the option of online registration or one of the downloadable
                 registration forms!

Registration Address: BWO Marketing Service GmbH
                      Mohrenstr. 63-64
                      D-10117 Berlin-Mitte
                      Fax: ++49 30 22 66 84-64
                      Email: Etaps2000 at BWO-Berlin.de

Conference Mail Address: etaps2000 at iks.cs.tu-berlin.de
Doris Faehndrich: TU Berlin FB-13 Sekr. FR 5-6, Franklinstr. 28/29,
                10587 Berlin, Tel: 030/31473436

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