[om-a] [ANN]: OMDoc, an Open Markup format for Mathematical Documents

Michael Kohlhase Michael_Kohlhase at sausage.fox.cs.cmu.edu
Thu Nov 2 03:36:52 CET 2000

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      |                                                    |
      |       OMDoc: Open Mathematical Documents!          |
      |                                                    |
      |                                                    |
      |   OMDoc 1.0 has been released November 1. 2000     |
      |                                                    |

OMDoc is a content-based markup format for communicating mathematics on the
Internet. It is intended both for the presentation of the material for
human readers and to mathematical software systems. 

Since OMDoc builds on OpenMath and XML, OMDoc can be directly converted
into MathML, which can be rendered in Mozilla and IE5.

OMDoc is an extention of the OpenMath standard [1] to the document level,
it supplies structured content-markup for things like axoims, theorems,
proofs, definitions, texts (mixing formal content with mathematical
text). Furthermore it supplies syntax for a notion of a structured theory
hierarchy known from albraic specification formalisms like CASL [2]. 

To find out more about OMDoc, join the OMDoc mailing list [3] or view [4].

[1] http://www.openmath.org   
[2] http://www.brics.dk/Projects/CoFI
[3] omdoc at mathweb.org; archived at http://www.mathweb.org/~mailists/omdoc
[4] http:/www.mathweb.org/omdoc

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