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                            Open Positions

             Join a stimulating international research team 

                         Scientific Assistant
 	             at the University of Saarland          	        


                     Researcher/Software Engineer at the
 German National Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) 

For the research project "ActiveMath"  we seek applications for several open positions.

ActiveMath is a learning environment for mathematics. It is being developed at
the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and at the
university of Saarland. The goal of the project's research and development is a
web-based interactive learning system (for mathematics) that uses instruction as
well as constructivist elements.  The project provides the architecture, a
versatile XML-based knowledge representation, and techniques for generating
new-generation on-line interactive mathematics documents (textbooks, courses,
tutorials) and e-learning.

ActiveMath is a project that applies AI-techniques such as presentation
planning, user modelling, user-adaptive interfaces, knowledge bases, and proof
planning to an education system for mathematics as well as distributed systems
and web communication.  The project home page is

We offer

 - a  highly motivated and cooperative international research team
   and a stimulating and friendly atmosphere,
 - an innovative research project and a lot to learn,
 - a well equipped working environment, with intimate connections to the 
   research teams of the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence,
 - the possibility to work on a project-related PhD thesis.

We invite suitably qualified applicants who 

 - have completed an above average Master's Degree in computer science,
   mathematics, computer science, or equivalent,
 - have object-oriented programming experience (Java and/or XML is a plus)  
 - are interested in mathematics/ mathematical texts,
 - enjoy teamwork and have a taste for interdisciplinary work,
 - are committed to their work.

The advertised positions in more detail:

1. User Modelling and Action-Evaluation: 
Applicants with experience in (maths) education systems, user-adaptive systems,
and/or student modelling are invited. Experience in constructivist approaches is
welcome. The applicant is expected to work on theoretical and practical aspects
of student modeling, action evaluation and user-adaptive learning systems.

2. MBase for ActiveMath:
The applicant is expected to work on theoretical and practical aspects of
formalizing mathematics, building a mathematical XML data base, and web
communication with mathematical content.  We are looking for applicants who have
a particular interest in mathematics and some experience with databases.

3. Integration of (Mathematical) Services: 
The applicant is expected to work to work on the integration of external systems
such as Computer Algebra Systems, verification tools and theorem provers on the
networked communication of those systems, and their integration into
ActiveMath.  The applicant is also expected to work on theoretical and practical
aspects of mixed-initiative systems

The positions are available starting January-April 2001 and will be for a period
of three years maybe with the option of further extension.  Payment will be
according to BAT2a on the German scale for federal employees.
BAT2a amounts to an annual salary of 56 000.- to 86 000.- DM before tax
strongly depending on age and family status. This amounts to 35 000.- 
to 50 000.- DM after tax and various other deductions.

Please, do not hesitate to contact
           Erica Melis <melis at dfki.de>

for further information.

Applications including a list of publications, a list of realized projects, and
a curriculum vitae should be forwarded to:

Dr. Erica Melis
Universitaet des Saarlandes / DFKI
D-66123 Saarbruecken

E-mail submission to <melis at dfki.de> is preferred.

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