[om-a] critique of OpenMath

Richard Fateman fateman at cs.berkeley.edu
Wed Jan 10 18:52:14 CET 2001

I've drafted a reaction to the latest SIGSAM Bulletin,
collection of OpenMath-related documents.  I would
welcome comments on it, before sending it (perhaps
to SIGSAM Bulletion?)
he over-riding
criticism is that it is naive to believe that
one of the major problems of software engineering
today, namely software re-use, will be solved
by the OpenMath approach.

In particular there is no reason to believe
the mechanisms (phrasebooks and CDs) will scale.

see http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~fateman/papers/openmathcrit.txt
for the ascii text (only about 4 pages long, but kind of
long to send/post everywhere).

Richard Fateman
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