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Taneli Huuskonen huuskone at cc.helsinki.fi
Mon Jun 4 12:53:40 CEST 2001

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I do think I announced this change to the setup to the OpenMath mailing
lists when I made it quite some time ago, but apparently several people
haven't noticed it.

The lists, om at openmath.org and om-announce at openmath.org, are currently
set up so that automatic replies go to om at openmath.org, rather than to
the sender personally.  This is intended to make it easy to carry on a
public discussion.  However, it also makes it a bit more complicated to
send a personal reply  -  you have to type (or cut and paste) the
receiver's address manually.  The alternative would be to let automatic
replies go back to the sender only, so you'd have to supply the address
of the list yourself if you want to continue the discussion in public.

Please let me know if you prefer one setup to the other, and I'll switch
the lists back to the old behaviour if necessary.

Taneli Huuskonen

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