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== International Congress of Mathematical Software, 2002  ==
==                Call For Papers                         ==
A Satellite Conference of ICM 2002
Beijing,  China
August 17 - 19, 2002 

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The appearance of mathematical software is one of the most important
events in mathematics.  Mathematical software systems are used to
construct examples, to prove theorems, and to find new mathematical
phenomena.  On the other hand, mathematical research often motivates
developments of new algorithms and new systems.

Mathematical software systems rely on a cooperation of mathematicians,
designers of algorithms, and mathematical programmers. Main audiences
are software developers in mathematics and programming mathematicians,
but we also intend to provide an opportunity to discuss about these
topics with mathematicians. Topics for the conference include but are
not limited to:

(A) Software engineering problems for mathematical software
    (A1) Designs of programming languages for mathematics 
    (A2) Data structures for mathematics
    (A3) Standards to allow cooperation
    (A4) Review of internal structures of systems  
    (A5) Optimization techniques in real implementations
(B) Mathematics and media (including user interfaces)
(C) Mathematics related to mathematical software (experiments, algorithms)
(D) Optimization techniques in high performance computing
(E) Applications of mathematical software  
(F) Presentation of mathematical software
(G) Poster demonstration for ICM participants.

Invited Speakers:
 We are now inviting the following person as as plenary speakers.  
   Jonathan Borwein (confirmed)
   John Cannon
   Henri Cohen  (confirmed)
   Richard Constable
   Gunter Ziegler
   Steve Wolfram

Submitting papers: 
 We have organized sessions and general sessions of contributed papers.
 You can choose either an organized session or the general session for
 your submission.  All papers will be refereed by the program
 committee.  We have the following organized sessions.

 Arjeh Cohen      "OpenMath, mathematics on Web" 
 Komei Fukuda     "Optimization, geometric and combinatorial computation" 
 Xiao-Shan Gao    "Software for differential equations"
 Zhuojun Liu       TBA 
 Michael Pohst    "Number theory" 
 Mike Stillman    "Computational Algebraic Geometry" 
 Nobuki Takayama  "Algebraic Analysis" 
 Dongming Wang    "Geometry Software" or "Software for Polynomial Algebra" 

 All submissions should be sent to 

  Nobuki Takayama,   
  Department of Mathematics,   
  Kobe University, 
  Rokko, Kobe, 657-8501, Japan
  Email:    takayama at math.kobe-u.ac.jp

 We electronically accept papers in LaTeX2e format with the style 


 PS figures should be included by 


 PS figures should be archived by the ``tar'' command.
 If you are using other format, we will accept your submission by
 a harcopy for refereeing, but the final camera-ready version should be 
 sent by LaTeX format with publisher's macro.

 We will accept not only research papers, but also excellent
 expositions.  The page limit is 10 pages by the LaTeX article format.

 If you want to give your lecture in an organized session, please
 do not forget to mention the name of the orpganized session.

 The proceedings will be published by World Scientific Pub.

Key dates:
  Submission deadline:  	January 30, 2002  
  Notification of acceptance:  	March 31, 2002  
  Camera-ready copy due:  	May 15, 2002  
  Conference will be held:  	August 17 - 19, 2002  
  ICM 2002 starts at:  		August 20, 2002  

Conference Organization:
 General advisory board
   David Eisenbud,  (MSRI,  USA) 
   Bernd Sturmfels, (UCB,   USA)
 Program Committee co-chairs
   A.Cohen, X.Gao and N.Takayama 
 Program committee Members
   Johannes Buchmann, (Darmstadt,  Germany) 
   Arjeh M. Cohen,    (Eindhoven,  Netherland)  
   Jack Dongarra,     (Tennessee,  USA) 
   Komei Fukuda,      (ETH,  Switzerland) 
   Xiao-Shan  Gao,    (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China) 
   Steve Linton,      (St.Andrews, England) 
   Micheal Pohst,     (TU-berlin, Germany) 
   Mike Stillman,     (Cornell,    USA) 
   Nobuki Takayama,   (Kobe,      Japan) 
   Dongming Wang,     (Paris 6,   France) 
   K.Yokoyama,        (Kyushu,    Japan) 
   Ya-Xiang Yuan,     (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China) 
 Poster session chair
   M.Noro,        (Kobe,  Japan) 
 Organization co-chairs
   Zhuojun Liu        (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China) 
   Nobuki Takayama,   (Kobe,      Japan) 
 Organization committee 
   Arjeh Cohen     	(Eindhoven, Netherland) 
   Lian LI         	(Lanzhou, China) 
   Ken Nakamula    	(Tokyo, Japan) 
   Nobuki Takayama  	(Kobe,  Japan) 
   Dingkang WANG 	(Beijing, China) 
   Lu YANG 		(Chengdu, China) 
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