[om-a] OpenMath Workshop, Linz

Mike Dewar miked at nag.co.uk
Mon Sep 10 12:38:38 CEST 2001

Please find attached the programme for the Thrursday and Friday parts
of the OpenMath workshop in Linz, after the MKM meeting.  Details of
the joint day with MKM can be found at:

Please note that you need to register at that page, even if you are not
attending the MKM meeting.

Kind regards,


Thursday 27th September

 9.30-10.15	MathML
		Paul Topping, Design Science Inc

10.15-10.45	Break

10.45-11.30	OMDoc in use: Experiences and issues in the context of
		  mathematical knowldege management
		P. Baumgartner, A.E. Blohm, M. Gross-Hardt
		University Koblenz-Landau 

11.30-12.15	OpenMath and Electronic Books
		Ernesto Reinaldo Barreiro, Technical University of Eindhoven

12.15-13.45	Lunch

13.45-14.30	Special Functions in OpenMath
		James Davenport, University of Bath

14.30-15.15	Proposed Changes to the OpenMath Standard
		David Carlisle, NAG Ltd.

15.15-16.00	Break

16.00-18.00	Special General Meeting of the OpenMath Society

Friday 28th September

 9.30-10.15	The M at inline Project
		Marc Gaetano, ESSI Nice

10.15-10.45	Break

10.45-11.30	Relationships between OpenMath and the Semantic Web
		Steve Buswell, Stilo Technology Ltd

11.30-12.15	Mathematical Web Services
		Olga Caprotti, RISC Linz

12.15-12.30	Close

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