[om-a] MKM03 - deadline extensions

Andrea Asperti asperti at CS.UniBO.IT
Wed Aug 28 14:40:26 CEST 2002

Due to several requests, the submission deadline for the Second
International Conference on Mathematical Knowledge Management
has been extended to september 9th.


				MKM 2003

        	   Second International Conference on 
		   Mathematical Knowledge Management


			  February 16-18 2003
                           Bertinoro - Italy
 	   (Residential Centre of the University of Bologna)

			   Second Announcement 
                             Call for Papers

Mathematical Knowledge Management is an exciting new field in the 
intersection of mathematics and computer science. 

We need efficient, new techniques - based on sophisticated formal 
mathematics and software technology - for taking fruit of the enormous 
knowledge available in current mathematical sources and for organizing 
mathematical knowledge in a new way. On the other side, due its
very nature, the realm of mathematical information looks as the best 
candidate for testing innovative theoretical and technological solutions 
for content-based systems, interoperability, management of machine 
understandable information, and the Semantic Web.

The Conference aims to bring together math researchers, software 
developers, publishing companies, math organizations, and teachers for 
exchanging their views and approaches and for pushing the field. 

Call for papers.

The Conference looks for original contributions on theoretical,
technological and pragmatical aspects of mathematical knowledge 
management. Papers focused on system/projects descriptions and comparison, 
standardization efforts, critical surveys, large experimentations, 
and case studies of mathematical knowledge management are particularly 
welcome. A not exhaustive list of topics (to be understood as specialized
to the realm of MATHEMATICAL information) comprises:

Authoring languages and tools	MathML and XML based standards
Computer Algebra Systems	Metadata
Data Mining			Theorem Proving
Digital Libraries		Proof Assistants	
Interactive learning		Searching and Retrieving
Interoperability		Web Publishing

The proceedings of the Conference will be published in the Springer-Verlag
Lecture Notes in Computer Science series

Paper submission will be electronic. The deadline for submissions is 
september 9, 2002. Papers should not exceed twelve pages and should
be edited according to the Authors Instructions of LNCS 
Since LNCS is also published, in parallel to the printed books, 
in full-text electronic version, authors will be required to send,
besides the printed papers, the electronic source files of all parts 
of the manuscript (including front matter pages) as adviced in the 

The Conference will be held in the Residential Centre of the University
of Bologna located in Bertinoro (http://www.centrocongressibertinoro.it/). 
Bertinoro is a nice little place on the Appennini, at about one hour train 
from Bologna. 

Important Dates:

Submission Deadline:	september 9, 2002

Notification of 
acceptance/rejection:	november 1st, 2002

Camera ready copies:	november 22nd, 2002

Conference:		february 16th - february 18th


Program Committee: 

Andrea Asperti (chair). University of Bologna, Italy.

Bruno Buchberger. RISC-Linz, Austria. 

James Caldwell. University of Wyoming. U.S.A.

Olga Caprotti. OpenMath society. RISC-Linz, Austria.

James Davenport. University of Bath. U.K.

William M.Farmer. McMaster University, Canada. 

Herman Geuvers. Dept. of Computer Science, KUN, Nijmegen. The Netherlands.

Therese Hardin. Université Paris 6. France.

Michiel Hazewinkel. CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

Michael Kohlhase. Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A.

Patrick D.F.Ion. American Mathematical Society. University of
Michigan. U.S.A.

Zhaohui Luo. University of Durham, U.K. 

Rob Nederpelt. Eindhoven University of Technology. The Netherlands.

Mark Sofroniou. Wolfram Research Inc.

Neil Soiffer. Wolfram Research Inc.

Masakazu Suzuki. Kyushu University, Japan.

Nobuki Takayama. Kobe University, Japan.

Andrzej Trybulec. University of Bialystok, Poland.

Stephen Watt.  University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Bernd Wegner. European Mathematical Society. Technical University 
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