[om-a] New PhD Positions in Computing Science, Chalmers University of Technology & Göteborg University

Reiner Haehnle reiner at cs.chalmers.se
Wed Dec 11 11:40:47 CET 2002

Please pass on to interested students. Apologies for multiple copies.

New PhD Positions (DEADLINE 15 February 2003! See "How to apply" below)

		   Department of Computing Science,
     Chalmers University of Technology & Göteborg University
			 Gothenburg, Sweden

The Department has about 80 researchers, half being faculty members
and half PhD students. Our focus is on programming logic, type theory,
functional programming, formal methods, distributed and concurrent
systems, security, algorithms, bioinformatics, interaction design, and
language technology, but research is not restricted to these topics.
For more information, see http://www.cs.chalmers.se/Cs/Research.

PhD positions are for 5 years. There is no tuition fee. A PhD position
is a regular job with social benefits; the salary amounts currently to
about 18000 SEK per month in the first year (the exact amount depends
on teaching duties, usually 20% of your time).

Knowledge of Swedish is not a prerequisite for application. English is
our working language for research. Both Swedish and English are used
in undergraduate courses.  Half of our researchers and PhD students
are native Swedes; the rest come from more than 20 different

Applicants must have a very good undergraduate degree in Computing
Science or in a related subject with a strong Computing Science
component. They must also have a strong, documented interest in doing

You may even apply if you have not yet completed your degree, but
expect to do so by 1 September 2003. You are also invited to apply for
our new International Master's Programme in Dependable Computer
Systems, which can help you to obtain the necessary qualification, if
you do not yet have it (see http://www.cs.chalmers.se/Cs/Education/dcs/).

The School especially welcomes female applicants.

How to apply

First, immediately register your intention to apply using the
electronic application form on the WWW via


The full application should contain

  1 A letter of application, listing specific research interests
  2 A curriculum vitae
  3 Attested copies of degrees and other certificates
  4 Copies of relevant work, for example dissertations or
    articles, that you have authored or co-authored
  5 A description of:
    a previous teaching experience, documented
    b previous PhD studies, also in other subjects;
      state financial support obtained for these, if any
    c previous work experience
  6 Letters of recommendation from your teachers or employers

If you have financial support of your own (industry job, grant, etc.),
please state this fact clearly. It will increase your chances to be
accepted considerably, because you need not compete for the limited
number of fully financed positions.

The reference number of this job opportunity is 3/2003.

Send your full application (paper mail) to

  Department of Computing Science
  School of Computer Science and Engineering
  Chalmers University of Technology
  412 96 Gothenburg

to arrive by 15 February 2003.  You will know the result of your
application by 1 May 2003.
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