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Call for Papers: IJCAR 2004
The Second International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning (IJCAR)
is the fusion of several major conferences in Automated Reasoning:
   * CADE (The International Conference on Automated Deduction), 
   * TABLEAUX (The International Conference on Automated Reasoning with Analytic Tableaux
                          and Related Methods) and 
   * FTP  (The International Workshop on First-Order Theorem Proving) , 
   * FroCoS (Workshop on Frontiers of Combining Systems), 
   * CALCULEMUS  (Symposium on the Integration of  Symbolic Computation and
                                  Mechanized Reasoning). 
These five events will join for the first time at the IJCAR conference
in Cork in July 2004. 

IJCAR 2004 invites submissions related to all aspects of automated
reasoning, including foundations, implementations, and applications.
Original research papers and descriptions of working automated deduction
systems are solicited.

Logics of interest include:
   propositional, first-order, classical, equational, higher-order, non-classical,
   constructive, modal, temporal,  many-valued, substructural, description,  metalogics,
   type theory, and set theory. 

Methods of interest include:
  tableaux, sequent calculi, resolution,  model-elimination, connection method, inverse method,
  paramodulation, term rewriting, induction, unification, constraint solving, decision procedures,
  model generation, model checking, semantic guidance, interactive theorem proving, 
  logical frameworks, AI-related methods for deductive systems,  proof presentation,
  efficient datastructures and indexing, integration of computer algebra systems 
   and automated theorem provers, and combination of logics or  decision procedures.

Applications of interest include:
  verification, formal methods, program analysis and synthesis, computer mathematics, 
  declarative programming, deductive databases, knowledge representation, 
  natural language processing, linguistics, robotics, planning. 

Submissions - Research Papers and System Descriptions

Submitted research papers and system descriptions must be original and
not submitted for publication elsewhere. Research papers can be up to 15
proceedings pages long, and system descriptions can be up to 5 pages
long. The proceedings of IJCAR 2004 will be published by Springer-Verlag
in the LNAI/LNCS series.

All submissions must be received by December 8, 2003. Submissions that
arrive late or are too long will not be considered. Authors of accepted
papers will be requested to sign a form transferring copyright of their
contribution to Springer-Verlag.

In the research paper category, submissions of theoretical, practical
and experimental nature are equally encouraged.

Submission Details: (see http://4c.ucc.ie/ijcar/submission.html)

The primary means of submission is electronic.  
Authors are strongly encouraged to use LaTeX2e and the Springer llncs
class files. The llncs class files can be obtained from
http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html. If you have difficulties
in using the llncs class files, or have to use a different typesetting
program, please contact the program committee chairmen.

Important Dates
  December 8, 2003:             Submission deadline 
  March 12, 2004:                 Notification of acceptance 
  April 5, 2004:                      Camera-ready copy due 
  July 4-8, 2004:                    IJCAR 2004

Best  Paper Awards
A prize of 300 Euros will be given to the best paper, as judged by the
program committee, and a prize of 300 Euros will be given to the best
paper, as judged by the program committee, written solely by one or more
students. A submission is eligible if all authors are full-time students
at the time of submission. Students must indicate with their submission 
that they would like their paper to be considered for this award. 
The program committee may decline to make the awards or may
split it among several papers.

Conference chair: Toby Walsh
Program chairs: David Basin, Michael Rusinowitch
Local chair: Barry O' Sullivan
Publicity chair: Maria Paola Bonacina
Workshop chair: Peter Baumgartner
Tutorial chair: William Farmer
ATP System Competition chairs: Geoff Sutcliffe, Christian Suttner

Program committee:  Information soon available

Full information on IJCAR may be found at  http://4c.ucc.ie/ijcar/ .

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