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			  Call for Papers


                        An ESSLLI04 Workshop on
            Logic and Communication in Multi-Agent Systems


The workshop, this year in its second edition, aims at bringing
together graduate students and researchers interested in topics
related to the use of formal tools when applied to modelling,
specifying, verifying, and reasoning about multi-agent systems in
which communication and updating play a crucial role. Specifically,
the workshop aims at providing a forum for discussing technical issues
that arise with formalisms (epistemic, temporal, dynamic and
authentication logics and tools) inspired by the needs of modelling
information exchanges in multi-agent systems.

The workshop will be held within the context of ESSLLI04, the 2004
edition of the European Summer School on Logic Language and
Computation, to be held in Nancy in August 2004.


Particular focus of attention will be given to papers relating to the
following specific themes:

 * Dynamics of epistemic positions: Combinations of epistemic logic
   and temporal logic (and related semantical issues) resulting from
   communicative acts, such as message passing, broadcasting, etc.
   Modelling of epistemic updates, and refinements following
   communicative acts.

 * Communication protocols: Semantics for communications processes in
   multi-agent systems.  Formal dependencies between communication
   protocols and intensional (e.g., epistemic) properties of the
   agents. Using CSP and CCP for agent-communication.

 * Security and authorisation: Logics (deontic logic, BAN logic, etc.)
   for security and authorisation, where the assumption that the other
   agents in the network are cooperative, or at least not hostile, is
   dropped. Semantics for authorisation logics that are general and
   complete, or languages that are strong enough to prove that certain
   occasions (intruders entering the network, unwanted eavesdropping)
   do not occur.

 * Semantics of speech acts: Logical semantics of speech acts and
   institutional communication. Semantics of agent communication
   languages and their relationship to speech acts. Logics for
   planning speech acts. Relationships between speech act theory and
   belief revision & epistemic updates.


Prof. Dr. Holger Schlingloff (Berlin), and Dr Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen
(Helsinki) have very kindly agreed to give invited presentation at
LCMAS04. The abstracts of the talks will be made available in due


Wiebe van der Hoek, University of Liverpool
Alessio Lomuscio, King's College London
Erik de Vink, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Mike Wooldridge, University of Liverpool


Johan van Benthem (University of Amsterdam), Frank de Boer (CWI
Amsterdam, Utrecht), Iliano Cervesato (US Naval Research Labs), Marco
Colombetti (Politecnico di Milano), Rogier van Eijk (University of
Utrecht), Andrew Jones (King's College London), Yannis Labrou (Fujitsu
Labs of America), Riccardo Pucella (Cornell University), Pierre-Yves
Schobbens (University of Namur), Marek Sergot (Imperial College), Luca
Vigano' (ETH Zurich)


The proceedings of the LCMAS workshop held in June 2003 in Eindhoven
will published in the Electronic Lecture Notes in Theoretical Computer
Science series later in autumn 2003. This year's proceedings will be
"informally" published by ESSLLI. Depending on the success of the
workshop we will consider arranging for selected papers to appear in a


Those wishing to participate in the workshop are invited to submit an
original research paper of up to 15 pages in plain article style. The
first page of your submission should include the full name and contact
details of at least one author.  Electronic submission in Postscript
or PDF is strongly encouraged.  Submissions should be sent to Erik de
Vink, e-mail evink at win.tue.nl.

   15 March,  2004: Submission deadline
   19 April,  2004: Notification of acceptance
   15 May,    2004: Final version due.
   16-20 Aug, 2004: Workshop. 


The workshop is part of ESSLLI and is open to all ESSLLI
participants. It will consist of five 90-minute sessions held over
five consecutive days between 16 Aug and 20 Aug.


All workshop participants including the presenters will be required to
register for ESSLLI. The registration fee for authors presenting a
paper will correspond to the early student/workshop speaker
registration fee. Moreover, a number of additional fee waiver grants
will be made available by the OC on a competitive basis and workshop
participants are eligible to apply for those.
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