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                                 SPIN 2004

       11th International SPIN Workshop on Model Checking of Software
                    April 1-3, 2004, Barcelona, Spain
                      Associated with ETAPS 2004

                             CALL for PAPERS

********     Submission Deadline: Abstracts December 6, 2003      *******
********                          Full versions December 14, 2003    ****

                         Solicited Contributions:
              Technical Papers, Tutorials, Tool Demonstrations
                        Complete Call for Papers 
                  (up-to-date information and deadlines):

                        Paper Submission Web Site:

Preliminary list of invited speakers (ETAPS):
   Robin Milner (Cambridge, GB),
   Mary Lou Soffa (Pittsburgh, USA)
   Antti Valmari (Tampere, Finland)
Themes: The SPIN workshop is a forum for practitioners and researchers 
interested in model checking based techniques for the validation and 
analysis of communication protocols and software systems. Techniques 
based on explicit representations of state spaces, as implemented in the 
SPIN model checker or other tools, or techniques based on combination of
explicit representations with symbolic representations, is the focus of 
this workshop.It has proven to be particularly suitable to analyze 
concurrent asynchronous systems. The workshop will focus on topics 
including theoretical and algorithmic foundations and tools, model 
derivation from code and code derivation from models, techniques for 
dealing with large and infinite state spaces, timing and applications. 
The workshop aims to encourage interactions and exchanges of ideas with 
all related areas in software engineering.
Solicited Contributions: SPIN 2004 solicits previously unpublished, 
currently unsubmitted, original contributions addressing theoretical, 
experimental and applied problems in model checking of software
artifacts. Particular topics include:
- model checking based tools, tool extensions and comparative studies
- theoretical & algorithmic foundations of model checking based analysis
- combination of model-checking techniques with other analysis techniques
- model checking of programming languages and code analysis
- techniques for analyzing and testing large and infinite state systems
- model checking in the system life-cycle
- innovative applications of model checking, including
    * model checking of object-oriented and component based systems
    * model checking of security systems
    * model checking of real-time systems
- engineering of model checking tools and platforms
- convincing case study which apply model-checking to real sw systems
We solicit submissions of three categories:
Full papers: submissions are limited to 18 pages
Tool presentations: SPIN 2004 solicits proposals for the demonstration 
     of tools pertinent to the technical objective of this  workshop. 
     Submissions are limited to 5 pages. The title should clearly 
     indicate that this is a tool demonstration summary. Longer tool
     related contributions should be submitted as technical papers.
Tutorials: SPIN 2004 solicits proposals for introductory, advanced and 
     industrial application tutorials on all topics pertinent to the 
     technical objective of this workshop. Tutorial proposals should 
     detail intended contents, audience and presentation length. A 
     1-page abstract of tutorials can be included in the proceedings.

All submissions should adhere to Springer Verlag's LNCS format, 
preferably using LaTeX. The format of the submissions should be 
either pdf or postscript.
Programme Committee:
Bernard Boigelot (Liège, B)               Dragan Bosnacki (Eindhoven, NL)
David Dill (Stanford, USA)                Javier Esparza (Stuttgart, D)
Patrice Godefroid (Bell Labs, USA)        Susanne Graf (Verimag, F, chair)
John Hatcliff (Kansas State, USA),        Gerard Holzmann (Bell Labs, USA),
Stefan Leue (Freiburg, D)                 Pedro Merino (Málaga, E)
Laurent Mounier (Verimag,  F)             Mooly Sagiv (Tel-Aviv, Il)
Scott Stoller (Stony Brook, USA)          Antti Valmari (Tampere, Finnland)
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