[om-a] CDs for OpenMath2 and Openmath to MathML stylsheets.

David Carlisle davidc at nag.co.uk
Tue Apr 27 13:36:12 CEST 2004

We have a updated the current CD release (ie, all the files in
http://www.openmath.org/cd )
to match the OpenMath 2 draft document


They are intended to update the current CD directory once OpenMath 2 is
finalised but for now they are in a sibling directory to the standard
Note that some of the links (eg to sts files) are broken in this test
release from this location.

These files use the namespaces specified in the OM2 draft, and have Role
properties specified for all symbols.  they make use of a new CD
stylesheet that presents FMP and Examples using Presentation MathML
as well as the verbatim XML and "prefix form" used in earlier releases.
The stylesheet also uses some javascript to allow the three forms of
presenting mathematics to be dynamically chosen.

As such the CDs will need a browser capable of rendering MathML and
executing javasript to see the intended effect, such as IE with
MathPlayer or mozilla/netscape and their variants.

The OpenMath to Presentation MathML stylesheet used in the above CD
distribution should also work for OpenMath 1, and is available

Comments welcome.


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