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                          AVoCS 2007

7th International Workshop on Automated Verification of Critical Systems

             Oxford, 10-12 September 2007

                  *CALL FOR PARTICIPATION*


The aim of AVoCS 2007 is to contribute to the interaction and exchange
of ideas among members of the international research community on tools
and techniques for the verification of critical systems.  The subject is
to be interpreted broadly and inclusively.  It covers all aspects of
automated verification, including model checking, theorem proving,
abstract interpretation, and refinement pertaining to various types of
critical systems (safety-critical, security-critical, business-critical,
performance-critical, etc.).  Contributions that describe combinations
of different techniques, and industrial case studies are particularly

Since AVoCS is returning to its origins in Oxford, where it developed out
of a series of informal workshops based around CSP, we hope to receive a
number of submissions this year relating to CSP, its tools and
applications; papers based on other formalisms are also very welcome, of
course.  The technical programme will consist of invited and contributed
talks and also allow for short presentations of work in progress.  The
workshop will be relatively informal, with an emphasis on discussion.

Previous AVoCS workshops were held at the University of Oxford (2001), the
University of Birmingham (2002), the University of Southampton (2003), the
Royal Society in London (2004), the University of Warwick (2005) and LORIA,
Nancy (2006).


To register please complete the form to be downloaded from the website and
return with your payment to the address shown. On-line payment by credit
card is possible. Registration closes on 31 August; after 17 August a
surcharge is payable.

There is a limited budget for support of student registration and travel;
please make applications for amounts up to £150 by email to the conference
address avocs07 at comlab.ox.ac.uk before 17 August, when decisions will be


Topics include:

    - Model Checking
    - Automatic and Interactive Theorem Proving
    - Abstract Interpretation
    - Specification and Refinement
    - Requirements Capture and Analysis
    - Verification of Software and Hardware
    - Verification of Security-Critical Systems
    - Probabilistic and Real-Time Systems
    - Verified System Development
    - Industrial Applications

A list of accepted papers can be found on the website.


    - Muffy Calder (Glasgow, UK)
    - Jim Davies (Oxford, UK)
    - Jakob Rehof (Dortmund, Germany)
    - Antti Valmari (Tampere, Finland)


    - Michael Goldsmith: FDR Hints and Tips
    - David Parker: Probabilistic Model Checking
    - Bill Roscoe: Verifying Buffered Systems


The workshop will be located at the Oxford University Computing Laboratory
in Oxford, England.  See website for location and travel information


Accommodation will be available in Worcester College, less than ten minutes
walk from the Computing Laboratory and where the Conference Dinner will
also be held. This will be in modern, comfortable single study-bedrooms
with en-suite facilities, and can be booked on the conference registration

Alternatively there are several hotels and guest houses reasonably local to
the venue.  Both the Galaxie and the Linton Lodge hotels have arranged
special rates with the Computing Laboratory; mention "Oxford University
Computing Laboratory" when booking.


Michael Goldsmith (Formal Systems, UK, co-chair)
Bill Roscoe       (Oxford University, UK, co-chair)
Patricia Bouyer (Cachan, France)     Sadie Creese (Warwick, UK)
Constance Heitmeyer (NRL, USA)       Michael Huth (Imperial College, UK)
Marta Kwiatkowska (B'ham/Oxford, UK) Ranko Lazic (Warwick, UK)
Christie Marr (St Andrews, UK)       Stephan Merz (LORIA, France)
Paritosh Pandya (TIFR, India)        Markus Roggenbach (Swansea, UK)
Peter Ryan (Newcastle, UK)           Helen Treharne (Surrey, UK)
Sergio Yovine (Verimag, France)      Irfan Zakiuddin (Imperial College, UK)


Workshop organisers' email: avocs07 at comlab.ox.ac.uk


We are extremely grateful to the following for their financial and
logistical support for this conference:

    - U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research, European Office of
      Aerospace Research & Development (EOARD)
    - Oxford University Computing Laboratory
    - University of Oxford Software Engineering Programme
    - Formal Systems (Europe) Ltd

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