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Call for papers: Coalgebra & Logic

      (special issue of the Journal of Logic and Computation)

Coalgebras are rapidly gaining ground as fundamental structures for
modeling the concept of state-based dynamics, where typically, a "state
of affairs" can be observed and modified. Of clear and even defining
importance in the study of such evolving systems is the concept of
behavior and related notions such as invariance and observational
(in)distinguishability. Universal Coalgebra emerges as a general
theory of state-based systems, parametrized by endofunctors on 
suitable categories.

This development explains the increasing interest in the development
and study of languages and deductive systems for specifying and
reasoning about behavior at a coalgebraic level of generality. Many of
these coalgebraic logics share or generalize interesting features of
modal logics. As a consequence, Coalgebraic Logic is not only a natural
meeting ground of Logic and Coalgebra, but also an exciting new
application area of modal logic.

Two workshops that were organized in 2007 jointly gave a picture of
the state of the art in the field of Coalgebra and Logic: the Workshop
on Logic for Coalgebras (10-11 May 2007, Amsterdam) and the Workshop on
Coalgebraic Logic (10-11 August 2007, Oxford). The organizers of the two
workshops will jointly edit a special issue of the Journal of Logic and
Computation focusing on Coalgebra and Logics. This special issue will
have contributions from the invited speakers of the workshops, but
submissions of contributed papers are welcome as well.

Authors that are interested to contribute to this special issue, are
invited to submit a manuscript (in either pdf or ps format) of no more
than 25 pages to one of the editors listed below. All submissions will
be subject to anonymous peer review. The deadline for submission is 
   1 December 2007.

The editors:
Alexander Kurz: kurz at mcs.le.ac.uk
Alessandra Palmigiano: apalmigi at science.uva.nl
Yde Venema: yde at science.uva.nl

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