[Om-announce] Call for Participation RELMICS10/AKA5

Bernhard Möller bernhard.moeller at informatik.uni-augsburg.de
Tue Feb 12 18:15:06 CET 2008

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               10th International Conference on

       Relational Methods in Computer Science (RelMiCS10)

                         joint with

                5th International Conference on

             Applications of Kleene Algebra (AKA5)

                       7-11 April 2008

              Frauenwörth (near Munich), Germany


The RelMiCS Conference is the main forum for the relational
calculus as a conceptual and methodological tool. The AKA
Conference is a meeting on topics related to Kleene algebras.
As in previous years, the two events are co-organised; they
have a joint programme committee and joint proceedings.

         Registration deadline:  15 March 2006

PROGRAMME: The conference features 2 invited talks and 26
contributed papers. In addition, there is a PhD programme
with 3 invited tutorial and 8 contributed talks; participation
is open for everyone.

   Invited Talks:

     Marc Pauly (Standford)
       Formal Methods and the Theory of Social Choice

     Gunther Schmidt (Munich)
       Relations Making Their Way From Logics
       to Mathematics and Applied Sciences

The full programme as well as registration details are available
at the conference website. For further inquiries please contact
the local organisers under

            rel_aka08 at informatik.uni-augsburg.de.

       ARIVA.DE AG (Kiel)
       CrossSoft (Kiel)
       Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG
       HSH Nordbank AG (Kiel)


     General Chair:
       Rudolf Berghammer, Kiel, Germany
       Bernhard Moeller, Augsburg, Germany

     Local Organisation:
       Bernhard Moeller, Augsburg, Germany
       Roland Glueck, Augsburg, Germany
       Peter Hoefner, Augsburg, Germany
       Iris Kellner, Augsburg, Germany
       Ulrike Pollakowski, Kiel, Germany

     Programme Committee:
       Rudolf Berghammer, Kiel, Germany
       Harrie de Swart, Tilburg, The Netherlands
       Jules Desharnais, Laval, Canada
       Marcelo Frias, Buenos Aires, Argentina
       Hitoshi Furusawa, Kagoshima, Japan
       Peter Jipsen, Chapman, USA
       Wolfram Kahl, McMaster, Canada
       Yasuo Kawahara, Kyushu, Japan
       Bernhard Moeller, Augsburg, Germany
       Carroll Morgan New South Wales, Australia
       Manuel Ojeda Aciego, Málaga, Spain
       Ewa Orlowska, Warsaw, Poland
       Susanne Saminger, Linz, Austria
       Gunther Schmidt, Munich, Germany
       Renate Schmidt, Manchester, UK
       Giuseppe Scollo, Catania, Italy
       Georg Struth, Sheffield, UK
       Andrzej Szalas, Linköping, Sweden
       Johan van Benthem, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
       Michael Winter, Brock U., Canada

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Möller   |
Institut für Informatik     | Tel: ++49-821-598-2164
Universität Augsburg        | Fax: ++49-821-598-2274
Universitätsstr. 14, D-86135 Augsburg, Germany

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