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                            CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

              24th International Conference on Logic Programming
                     Udine, Italy, December 9th-13th, 2008

We  are  pleased  to  announce  the  24th  International  Conference  on  Logic
Programming, to be held in Udine, Italy, in December 2008.

The  ICLP'08 program includes 37 regular presentations, 26 short presentations,
4  tutorials,  5  workshops  (ASPOCP,  WG17,  ALPSWS, WLPE and CICLOPS) and the
traditional  Prolog  programming  contest.  The tutorials include presentations
given by:

 - Carla Piazza e Alberto Policriti (Systems Biology: Models and Logics)
 - Angelo Montanari (Temporal Logics)
 - Tom Schrjivers (Constraint Handling Rules)
 - Peter O'Hearn (Separation Logic)

Moreover  the program features the invited talk by Vitor Santos Costa (The Life
of a Logic Programming System) and a second invited talk TBA.

The  conference  celebrates  the 20th anniversary of the stable-model semantics
with  a  special  session at ICLP 2008 dedicated to answer-set programming. The
session  will  feature  invited  talks  by Michael Gelfond, Vladimir Lifschitz,
Nicola  Leone  and  David Pearce, as well as by other major contributors to the
field,  presenting  personal  perspectives  on  the stable-model semantics, its
impact and its future.

Online registration for ICLP is now open at:


Deadline for early registration is October 15, 2008.

For further information: iclp08 at cs.nmsu.edu

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