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              Call for Short Contributions & Participation

                               AVoCS 2009

                   Ninth International Workshop on
               Automated Verification of Critical Systems

                     Swansea, UK, 23.9. - 25.9.2009


The aim of AVoCS 2009 is to contribute to the interaction and exchange
of ideas among members of the international research community on
tools and techniques for the verification of critical systems. The
subject is to be interpreted broadly and inclusively. It covers all
aspects of automated verification, including model checking, theorem
proving, abstract interpretation, and refinement pertaining to various
types of critical systems (safety-critical, security-critical,
business-critical, performance-critical, etc.). Contributions that
describe different techniques, or industrial case studies are

The technical programme will consist of invited talks and contributed
talks and will also allow for short presentations of ongoing work. The
workshop will be relatively informal, with an emphasis on discussion.

Previous AVoCS workshops were held at the University of Oxford (2001
and 2007), the University of Birmingham (2002), the University of
Southampton (2003), the Royal Society in London (2004), the University
of Warwick (2005), LORIA, Nancy (2006) and the University of Glasgow


Typical, but not exclusive topics of interest are:

- Model Checking,
- Automatic and Interactive Theorem Proving,
- Abstract Interpretation,
- Specification and Refinement,
- Requirements Capture and Analysis,
- Verification of Software and Hardware,
- Verification of Security-Critical Systems,
- Probabilistic and Real-Time Systems,
- Verified System Development, and
- Industrial Applications.


- Ulrich Berger, Swansea, United Kingdom:
    Proofs-as-programs in computable analysis.

- Christoph Lueth, Bremen, Germany:
    User Interfaces for Theorem Provers.


The workshop proceedings which will appear in the

    Electronic Communications of the EASST

The authors of a selection of the best papers presented at the
workshop will be invited to submit extended versions of their work for
publication in a special issue of Elsevier's journal

    Science of Computer Programming

(Guest editor: Markus Roggenbach).


- David Aspinall, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
- Muffy Calder, Glasgow, United Kingdom
- Michael Goldsmith, Warwick, United Kingdom
- Constance Heitmeyer, Naval Research Laboratory,
   Washington, DC, United States
- Gerald Luettgen, York, United Kingdom
- Eric Mercer, Brigham Young University, Utah, United States
- Stephan Merz, INRIA, Nancy, France
- Alice Miller, Glasgow, United Kingdom
- Paritosh Pandya, IIT Mumbai, India
- Silvio Ranise, Verona, Italy
- Mark Ryan, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
- Markus Roggenbach (Chair), Swansea, United Kingdom
- Bill Roscoe, Oxford, United Kingdom
- Helen Treharne, Surrey, United Kingdom
- Markus Wenzel, TU Muenchen, Germany
- Sergio Yovine, Verimag, France


26 June 2009
   Deadline for submission of full papers
24 July 2009
   Author notification for full papers
05 August 2009 (extended)
   Deadline for submission of short contributions
12 August 2009 (extended)
   Author notification for short contributions
28 August 2009
   Deadline for final version of full papers & short contributions
23-25 September 2009


AVoCS 2009 encourages the submissions of short contributions in order to
stimulate discussions at the workshop. Reports on ongoing work or surveys on
work published elsewhere are welcome. The Programme Committee will select short
contributions on the basis of submitted abstracts according to significance and
general interest. Short contributions must be written in English and not exceed
2 pages (excluding the title page) in the EASST format. Short contributions will
be included in the Technical Report available at the conference, however, they
will not be part of the Workshop Proceedings published by EASST.

Submission is now open via easychair under:



AVoCS 2009 will be organised by Swansea University and held at the
conference centre Gregynog. Gregynog is situated six miles north of
Newtown in Mid Wales. It is surrounded by the beautiful
Montgomeryshire countryside and Gregynog Hall is set in fabulously
landscaped gardens that provide extensive grounds for peace and
relaxation. The conference centre will host all participants of the
workshop and will provide all catering.

The workshop will start on Wednesday 23/09/2009 with lunch (1pm - 2pm) and
conclude on Friday 25/09/2009 with lunch (1pm - 2pm).


The registration for AVoCS'09 is now open.

Registration fee: 280 Pounds.

This fee includes:

- Accommodation & Breakfast (2 nights)
- 3 Lunches
- Welsh Dinner
- Conference Dinner
- Refreshments
- Conference Pre-Proceedings

*   Please register soon - there is only a limited number of rooms reserved at *
*               the Gregynog Conference Centre for AVoCS 2009.                 *

Please see the AVoCS'09 webpage for registration details.


The local organisers are:

* Erwin R. Catesbeiana (Jr)
* Phillip James
* Temesghen Kahsai
* Liam O'Reilly
* Markus Roggenbach


- Reynald Affeldt, David Nowak and Kiyoshi Yamada.
  Certifying assembly with formal cryptographic proofs: the case of BBS.

- Étienne André, Laurent Fribourg and Jeremy Sproston.
  Behavior-preserving relaxation of timing bounds of probabilistic timed automata.

- Ulrich Berger and Sion Lloyd.
  A coinductive approach to verified exact real number computation.

- Loïc Besnard, Thierry Gautier, Matthieu Moy, Jean-Pierre Talpin, Kenneth Johnson and Florence Maraninchi.
  Automatic translation of C/C++ parallel code into synchronous formalism using an SSA intermediate form.

- Neil Brown.
  Automatically generating CSP models for communicating Haskell processes.

- Nathaniel Charlton and Bernhard Reus.
  A decidable class of verification conditions for programs with higher order store.

- Holger Gast and Julia Trieflinger.
  High-level proofs about low-level programs.

- Michael Huth, Nir Piterman and Huaxin Wang.
  A workbench for preprocessor design and evaluation: toward benchmarks for parity games.

- Hristina Palikareva, Joel Ouaknine and Bill Roscoe.
  Faster FDR counterexample generation using SAT-solving.

- Julio Peralta and Thierry Gautier.
  Towards SMV Model Checking of Signal (multi-clocked) specifications.

- Frank Stappers and Michel Reniers.
  Verification of safety requirements for program code using data abstraction.

- Beeta Vajar, Steve Schneider and Helen Treharne.
  Mobile CSP||B.

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