[Om-announce] update to OpenMath Content Dictionary site

David Carlisle davidc at nag.co.uk
Mon Sep 14 15:23:40 CEST 2009

As agreed at the OpenMath 2009 meeting in June there have been some
updates to the OpenMath CDs


Mainly these updates have been made in conjunction with the W3C math
Working Group, while drafting MathML3.  (See
http://monet.nag.co.uk/~dpc/cdfiles2 for a top level list of the

The stylesheets displaying (all) Content Dictionaries at OpenMath.org
have been updated at the same time  All OpenMath examples are now shown
as (Strict) Content MathML and popcorn as well as the OpenMath XML and
"prefix" syntax used previously.

Strict Content MathML is a profile of Content MathML 3 designed to align
exactly with OpenMath, it is defined in the MathML 3 draft,

popcorn is a linear syntax for OpenMath similar to the "prefix form"
used in previous CD displays, but it has the benefit of being a defined
grammar supported by existing software. It has been developed as part of
the SCIEnce project and presented at OM2009 (although I am to blame for
the particular XSLT conversion to pocorn used in the CD stylesheets, so
please report any bugs to me)



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