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Cristina Pereira cristina.pereira at informatics-europe.org
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Informatics Europe Initiative: */Research & Education Data Collection /*

The survey "European Informatics, Computer Science and IT Research and 
Education Institutions" has been successfully launched by Informatics 
Europe. This survey is the crucial first step of the initiative to 
create a portal hosting the most comprehensive and detailed database of 
Informatics, Computer Science and IT Research and Education Institutions 
in Europe. Up to date such a database is not available. Popular 
information sites like wikipedia and yahoo provide lists of Computer 
Science departments, but that are limited in scope (wikipedia, only 
North American  departments) or information (yahoo, international, but 
providing only links to the departments' official web page).

The Informatics Europe/ *"Research and Education Portal" */will function 
as a guide aiming to provide quick access to Computer Science 
Departments at European universities and research institutes and to more 
detailed descriptions presented by those institutions. In the near 
future it will also host a larger database of statistical data about 
Informatics Research and Education in Europe.

Numerous institutions have already participated submitting their 
profiles. To include your Department, please, fill out the online 
questionnaire at:


The survey is simple; it can be completed in a few minutes by any member 
or staff of your department. The questions collect basic general 
information and web addresses of the institutions pages.

Your participation is key for the success of this project and will 
increase the visibility of your institution. FACTS beat NO FACTS at all 
times. Help Informatics Europe build up a database with FACTS about 
Research and Education in our field.

Dr. Cristina Pereira (Informatics Europe)

/P.S.: If your department has already answered the survey, please, 
ignore this message and thanks for participating!

/To keep informed of Informatics Europe events and announcements, 
subscribe to the community list: 


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