[Om-announce] PADL'11 - Call for Participation

Ricardo Rocha ricroc at dcc.fc.up.pt
Wed Dec 8 17:19:41 CET 2010

                      Call for Participation

                  13th International Symposium on 
      Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages (PADL 2011)


              Austin, Texas, USA, January 24-25, 2011
                    Co-located with ACM POPL'11


       On-line registration for the conference is open at:


    The deadline for early registration is December 31, 2010.


We are pleased to announce the 13th International Symposium on
Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages, to be held in Austin,
Texas, in January 24-25, 2011, at the Omni Austin Hotel in downtown

PADL is an yearly forum where researchers and practitioners present
original work emphasizing new ideas and approaches pertaining to
applications and implementation techniques of declarative
languages. This year, PADL accepted 18 papers and includes 2 invited
talks. As traditionally, the PADL symposium is co-located with the ACM
Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages (POPL 2011), which
will be held immediately following PADL, January 26-28.

Please note that the deadline for early registration is fast
approaching. We really look forward to welcoming you at PADL 2011 in
Austin, Texas!

   Invited Talks

 . Intel Core i7 Processor Execution Engine Validation in a Functional
Language Based Formal Framework 
      Roope Kaivola, Intel Corporation, USA

 . Learning Language from its Perceptual Context 
      Raymond J. Mooney

   Accepted Papers

 . Integrating XPath with the Functional-Logic Language Toy 
      Rafael Caballero, Yolanda Garcia-Ruiz and Fernando Saenz-Perez

 . Using Constraints for Intrusion Detection: the NeMODe System 
      Pedro Salgueiro, Daniel Diaz, Isabel Brito and Salvador Abreu

 . Determining Actual Response Time in P-FRP 
      Chaitanya Belwal and Albert Cheng

 . Plato: A Compiler for Interactive Web Forms 
      Timothy Hinrichs

 . Explicitly Recursive Grammar Combinators - A better model for shallow
   parser DSLs 
      Dominique Devriese and Frank Piessens

 . Joinads: a retargetable control-flow construct for reactive, parallel
   and concurrent programming 
      Tomas Petricek and Don Syme

 . Profiling for Run-Time Checking of Computational Properties and
   Performance Debugging in Logic Programs 
      Edison Mera, Teresa Trigo, Pedro Lopez-Garcia and 
      Manuel Hermenegildo

 . Sloth – A Tool for Checking Minimal-Strictness 
      Jan Christiansen

 . Combinators for Message-Passing in Haskell 
      Neil Brown

 . The F# Asynchronous Programming Model 
      Don Syme, Tomas Petricek and Dmitry Lomov

 . A Declarative API for Particle Systems 
      Pavel Krajcevski and John Reppy

 . Declarative Belief Set Merging using Merging Plans 
      Thomas Eiter, Thomas Krennwallner and Christoph Redl

 . Analysing a Publish/Subscribe System for Mobile Ad hoc Networks with
      Theofrastos Mantadelis, Koosha Paridel, Gerda Janssens, 
      Yves Vanrompay and Yolande Berbers

 . On the Portability of Prolog Applications 
      Jan Wielemaker and Vítor Santos Costa

 . Nettle: Functional Reactive Programming of OpenFlow Networks 
      Andreas Voellmy and Paul Hudak

 . Results on Out-of-Order Event Processing 
      Paul Fodor, Darko Anicic and Sebastian Rudolph

 . Kanor: A Declarative Language for Explicit Communication 
      Eric Holk, William Byrd, Jeremiah Willcock, Torsten Hoefler, 
      Arun Chauhan and Andrew Lumsdaine

 . Detection of Asynchronous Message-Passing Errors Using Static
      Maria Christakis and Konstantinos Sagonas

   Program Chairs

 . Ricardo Rocha
 . John Launchbury

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