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6th EUROPEAN COMPUTER SCIENCE SUMMIT - ECSS 2010 - 11-13 of October 2010 
- Prague, Czech Republic/*


The ECSS 2010, with the theme*/ Informatics: The Changing Landscape/* is 
soliciting contributions on topics of interest to the ECSS audience: 
deans, research laboratory directors, professors and other opinion 
leaders in informatics (computer science, IT, etc.) throughout 
Europe.This year the conference will include two special sessions on 
topics of utmost importance to our field: *"European research funding"* 
and "*Future of European scientific societies in informatics".



Good research requires good funding. European researchers have access, 
in principle, to a variety of sources, national and transnational. In 
practice they often find it difficult to take advantage of these 
schemes: they are bewildered by their complexity, lack information, and 
feel they miss the necessary insider knowledge.

This ECSS session will feature reports from actors on all sides of the 
research funding scene: funded researchers, research managers, 
representatives of granting agencies. It will provide participants with 
both a clear picture of European funding mechanisms and practical advice 
for submitting successful grant applications.

The slogan "think globally, act locally" might have been conceived with 
research funding in mind: while many funding mechanisms are designed at 
a transnational level, for example through EU policies, their 
application often varies with each national context. The session will 
highlight the opportunities and state of practice in different 
countries, and analyze the consequences of funding policies on research 
results. In particular, it will compare the situation in countries that 
heavily rely on European funding and those which are largely 
self-sustained through national schemes.

Some of the themes include:

    * Basic characteristics of European research funding
    * Review of the most important funding sources for informatics
    * National specificities: some examples
    * Success in attracting funding: strategies that work
    * Experience reports from successfully funded researchers

The session will follow the ECSS keynote by *Prof. Carlo Ghezzi of the 
Politecnico di Milano*, who will share his experience in obtaining an 
Advanced Researcher Grant in the first ever call for contributions of 
the European Research Council.

Three short invited presentations are planned for this session. The 
featured speakers are: *Luciano Baresi *(Politecnico di Milano, Italy), 
*Patrick Furrer* (Euresearch, Switzerland), *Jan Gruntorad* (CESNET, 
Czech Republic).

The session will be co-chaired by Luciano Baresi and Elisabetta Di Nitto.


Many scientific societies exist in informatics and more generally ICT 
(Information and Communication Technologies) in Europe, often with 
prestigious histories. Some are country-based, others cover all of 
Europe with a focus on a certain community or sub-discipline. The 
situation is quickly evolving, and there is a widespread realization 
that the ICT community needs to join forces at the European level.

As a step towards this goal, the European Computer Science Summit in 
Prague will include a special session gathering presidents of major 
existing societies, as well as representatives from EU and other 
governmental bodies. The purpose is both to assess the current situation 
of scientific societies, with their strengths and weaknesses, and to 
examine future evolution.

A discussion panel including presidents and representatives of the major 
societies will follow the keynote by *Franco Accordino* from the 
Emerging Technologies and Infrastructures Directorate of the *European 
Commission*. Among the panelists: *Vasile Baltac* (/CEPIS/), *Imrich 
Chlamtac* (/CreateNet/), *Wendy Hall* (/ACM/), *Keith Jeffery* 
(/ERCIM/), *Jens Knoop* (/EAPLS/), *Bertrand Meyer* (/Informatics 
Europe/) and *Burkhard Monien* (/EATCS/).

The session will be co-chaired by Profs. Christine Choppy and Jan van 

Beyond these two, other possible *TOPICS* for submitted papers include 
(non-exhaustive list):

** Major trends in informatics research and education.
     * Relationship of informatics researchers and educators with 
     * Research funding: issues, experience reports, policy.
     * Image of the discipline, student enrollment.
     * Infrastructure to support informatics research and education.
     * Issues in research and education policy.
     * Experience reports on educational techniques for informatics.
     * Research organization for informatics.
     * Research careers in informatics, researcher evaluation.
     * Country-specific issues.*

In connection with the conference location, papers emphasizing issues 
and solutions of particular relevance to Central and Eastern Europe are 
particularly welcome.

*Papers submitted in response to the present call will be selected for 
short (30 min) presentations in the program.*

*_How to Submit_*_* you Contribution*_ *[Deadline: 31 of July 2010, 
19:00 (CET)]*

Papers can be submitted as either:

    * Extended abstracts (up to 3 pages)
    * Full papers (up to 12 pages)

Each submission should state to which of these categories it belongs. It 
should be single-spaced, one-column, with minimum 11-pt font.

All submissions should be provided in PDF format on the conference 
submission site:


**Notification to authors: 25 of August 2010

*_Registrations _*

Registration to the conference is now open: 
Deadline reduced fees: *31 of July 2010*, 19:00 (CET)

Informatics Europe and the ECSS 2010 Organizing Committee

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